Had LLETZ today...

I was so nervous that I was shaking. The colposcopist talked through things first and explained that CIN 3 is not cancer...nor is it any more aggressively active than CIN2 or CIn 1., which allayed my fears that it was somehow quicker and would change to something more sinister rapidly. She said that it simply refers to the number of minute little cells that are abnormal. During the examination, she found a 3mm area of abnormal cells which she subsequently took away. I didnt feel anything except a sharp scratch from the anaesthetic. It wasnt awful, by any means...even though I was expecting it to hurt because I have had painful smears before and having a merina coil fitted was very painful.

The colposcopist was very reassuring and has taken biopsies, but says that 8 out of 10 women who have CIN 3 biopsies taken will get results of clear margins. The remaining two would likely be referred back to colposcopy again to try again to remove the abnormal cells. So the wait begins again...but at least it is more positive than the unknown!

The bleeding has just kicked in a little....initially it didnt bleed at all, but now we are a few hours on it has increased considerably... I really should be in bed, but I am so wired by the whole experience today that I cant sleep. I have taken tomorrow off, as requested by the hospital, who say they prefer that we have 24 hours rest and no heavy lifting for the rest of the week.

Best Wishes xx




Hi est, I'm having my colposcopy tomorrow,and I found your post very helpful!  I'm slightly concerned that the hospital suggested that youtake the next day off work though.  Did they tell you that you had to?  I'm at work on Friday morning, so it is a bit short notice to be asking for the day off!  I know that they might not do the same thing to me when I go for the colp, but now I'm a bit worried about work.

Hi est, I only had a little bleeding after LLETZ too and once the anaesthatic wore off I felt abdominal pressure like period cramps for the rest of the day.

Vegitabeta, I had LLETZ at my colposcopy and went to work straight after the procedure as I couldn't take the day off. I think it depends on the individual if you need rest or not.

Hope your results come through soon Est and hope your colposcopy goes well tomorrow V x

I took today off also after my leetz yesterday, i'm on my feet all day with lots of carrying, so the nurse gave me a little wink and said one day off wouldn't hurt, so i took her hint :) lol. And this is going to make me sound incredibly unfit - my legs ache so much today after been sat in that chair for half an hour! I'm glad i didnt go!

My colp and leetz were 2 months apart and after been allowed to keep my skirt on at the colp, wore it again for the leetz where they made me take it off! Was not happy lol. Hope our results are nice and quick!x

This is so reassuring!  Have mine tomorrow so hope mines as smooth. Gl for your results x

Thanks NiAd.  Also, I don't really own any decent sized skirts!  If they make you take it off anyway though, is there any point?