Had Lletz today for Cin3

First off just want to say thank you to all the ladies who have been so kind with my other posts. I also want anyone out there to know my experience today as it may help with pre lletz anxiety! It went really well and all in all I was in and out in about an hour, I had local anaesthetic, which only stung slightly, then I could only feel a warm sensation when they did the excision which literally took seconds. The nurses were lovely and it was over so quickly, it's the prep bit that takes the time up. My nurse said I would get my results in 3 weeks, and then follow up in 6 months. Had a bit of spotting and feel a bit crampy, but paracetamol has helped. Really glad it's all done now. Sending best wishes to all xx

Great news darling! It's not that bad is it... I only found the injection a but uncomfortable.  You've done it!! Xxxx

Hi really glad it went well for u, and thanks for letting me know that it isnt as bad as it sounds. i can relax for next thursday when its my turn xx



It really isn't bad, I've had worse experiences at a dentists! You will be fine ally, it really is over quickly and like Rosanna said it's only the local which is uncomfortable, I was nervous but the nurses were fab and understanding. I laughed afterwards at myself for being worried! Lol I will be thinking of you next Thursday, let us know how you get on hun Xx

Ah thanks, will do, im not so worried anymore xx