Had lletz procedure 2 days ago so emotional

Hi I’m new here, had lletz 2 days ago now. Was not at all prepared for what happend that day.
The pain of the injection of anaesthetic into the cervix was immense then the said my heart would but to just go with it! My whole body was pumping I could see it. I was expecting a bit of bleeding and period like cramps, but everytime I stand up or roll over I gush (sorry) I have small clots red blood black gritty stuff feel like I’ve been hit by a bus so tired and weak. Tried to do dishes wasn’t a good idea nearly collapsed!
My partner and friends have been good but I’m so emotional can’t stop crying, look terrible now I think my partner will leave me or cheat as can’t have sex for 4 weeks. I was so looking forward to having it over and done with feel totally alone now.

November 2016had smear
December 2016 came back abnormal results
January colop biopsy taken results severe cin2 some 3
February loop lletz procedure


So sorry to see that you're feeling bad lovely. I had a LLETZ procedure 2 weeks ago and my total belief is that, whilst everyone has a slightly different experience, the information we are given vastly under estimates the seriousness of the procedure both physically and emotionally.

i was told by the (male) consultant that it would be 'completely pain free' and of course it wasn't, because as you rightly say, even the LA hurts. My LA didn't work properly on scar tissue from a previous procedure, so I felt the cut too. 

There is quite simply a huge shock to your body whenever you have such surgery and it's important to know that feeling tired for a few days, feeling sore, and bleeding for up to 4 weeks is all normal, unfortunately.

i wasn't given this advice but I found out the hard way (looked up healthtalk.org after I strained myself!) but key advice I would pass on is:

Get plenty of rest - recognise that you've had a trauma to your body (physically and mentally) and give yourself permission to recover gently

No vigorous exercise for at least 2 weeks, maybe more - remember that the wound will take up to 6 weeks to heal properly

No lifting or carrying any heavy weights - even putting the wheelie bin out and lifting shopping bags strained me and set off more bleeding and pain

Take great care of yourself lovely, and if you start to feel worse or the discharge starts to smell bad get straight to your GP.

Youre not alone honey, and it sounds like your friends and partner are being brilliant. Any man who would cheat on you because you can't have sex for a few weeks isn't worth having sweet, and I'm sure that wont happen. My partner has been absolutely amazing!

Now - rest up! Painkillers, a duvet on the sofa, a good movie and chocolate all help! 

Sending loads of love for a full and swift recovery! Xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you means alot it does. I'm on day 5 of recovery and walking properly as apposed to waddling lol.. 

I know deep down he wouldn't do anything just feel so un feminine. In pyjamas no make up hair messy bloated and swollen wearing horrible pads..not back in work till Tuesday thankfully I'm a carer so heavy lifting is part of the job! Feeling stronger every day. 

I wish they would give more advice about what's going to happen though it was a shock when it all happened. And the after care leaflet just says no baths sex or lifting and you may bleed that's it!! 


So glad you're feeling stronger every day!  Just be patient with yourself lovely.  And I know it's not the best look, but I'm sure you're man will love you even more for being so brave and natural! :-) 

Might just be worth asking work if it's possible to go on lighter duties for a few days - don't be setting yourself back. 

Take care sweet. xxxxx

Bless you! I had Lletz 2 weeks ago and felt very emotional and tired. Only now beginning to feel a little better and still on light duties at work (guide dog trainer so v active job). Do not rush yourself, everyone is different but I too found it's a massively underestimated the emotional and physical effects of the procedure! 


Give yourself a break and try and do as much relaxing as possible!!!!


take care xx

I drove today for the first time it'll be a week tomorrow since lletz! You too have an active job I didn't expect to be emotional at all! A bit of cramps and bleeding I expected but I'm an emotional wreck, feel better today. Drove got dressed brushed my hair and put make up on, knowing I'm driving my bf insane lol. Work tomorrow though dreading it. Hope you are recovering also I agree very underestimate although by reading others it seems to be different for the individual. Maybe it effects the hormones too??


Thank you fiona Jane I am day 6 now getting there!