Had LLETZ on the 2nd November and desperate to start trying for a baby

I’ve now had my LLETZ treatment for CIN2 on the 2nd November. I had mixed healing (bleeding, antibiotics, cramping for a good few weeks) but over the last few days the disharge is now really light and I’m starting to feel more like myself again (there is a light at the end of the tunnel girls!!)
We were literally just about to start trying for a baby before I had my colposcopy/ punch biopsy confirming CIN2 and that treatment was needed!
The results have since come back CIN2 with clear margins and smear booked for 6 months time. Hurray!

My gynaecologist has said that as soon as the discharge has stopped (up to 6 weeks) then it will be fine to start trying straight away. However, I’ve googled it and everything online is saying wait 3 months, some even saying 6.
I personally don’t want to hold on any longer than necessary since I’ve already delayed it for so long already (I wish I didn’t now) but I’m just concerned that 6 weeks is too soon and the cervix isn’t strong/healed enough?

Anyone had similar experiences?

I would listen to your gynecologist. I’m not sure how true this is of the cervix, but my gyno told me that the vagina heals faster than other parts of the body because it receives additional blood flow. You’re probably fine to start trying to conceive once the six weeks are up.