Had lletz nearly three weeks ago and now I’m bleeding a lot and stressing out.

hey everyone, 


i had my lletz treatment on tuesday the 21st of August and everything seemed fine. Had a bit of an infection but that cleared and I’d been doing relatively well. That was until a couple of days ago when I started bleeding. At first it was much, but as the day wore on it began to get heavier. I’m now on day three and it’s still heavy and I feel sick. I don’t know if it’s just stress because I’m not bouncing back as I’d hoped but it’s starting to really take a toll on my mental well being. I’m struggling with work and wanting to be back at the gym when I’m quite clearly not ready. I don’t know what to do and it’s becoming incredibly frustrating for me. Has anyone else had anything similar or have any advice on how to cope? I honestly feel like I want to just disappear. It’s been so stressful and I’m so over feeling this way after being so active. (I have fibromyalgia and being active helped a lot so that’s also not enjoying this inactivity either.) 


Sorry to hear you're not feeling yourself, with regards to the bleeding when I had my lletz 3 weeks ago I was told that it can bring on your period sooner and it can be heavier and more painful than usual. I was due mine about a week later but sure enough it came 3 days after the lletz and was very heavy and painful, could it be that?

I also feel that the recovery has been slow, everyone is different, I've had people say they were fine after theirs whereas I needed time off work and still don't feel 100%, don't be too hard on yourself you will get there in your own time. It's very stressful isn't it which doesn't help matters x




Hi nonamirana, 

Sorry to hear you're really stressed at the moment. Recovery after LLETZ can be a very emotional time. 

You might benefit from this blog on recovering after LLETZ, https://www.jostrust.org.uk/blog/lletz-what-to-expect-afterwards. 

Please do go back to your colposcopist if you are concerned, as they will know your situation fully and can help answer any queries.

Best wishes,


Hi nonamirana,

I have suffered lots of bleeding after LLETZ too. I had my procedure exactly 2 weeks ago. For the first day or 2 I had no bleeding. Then spotting and the bleeding got progressivly heavier each day last week. I was concerned, but as I was bleeding on and off I thought maybe it was normal. Also I was pretty sure it wasn't my period as I just finished my period right before my treatment, and it was different to period, a much brighter red colour. Then on Friday I started haemorrhaging quite heavily, as in completly soaking through a pad every 15-20 mins! So I finally realised that yes in fact I did need to go to A&E! Stayed there all weekend as they tried to stop the bleeding. Was actually bed bound, with catather, unable to move! Was discharged Sunday after the bleeding finally subsided, but off work all week and told to rest.

So my advice it go back to your Doc or to A&E if you are at all concerned.  While the procedure can make your period heavier and earlier or later, you'll probably know if its a period or not. If the blood is bright red and quite liquid then its not a period!

Take time off work if you need to, work will still be there when you come back. This is probably the worst timing for me, as I'm a teacher and the students have just started back this week so don't get to meet my new classes for the beginning of the year! Also my best Friend's wedding which I'm bridesmaid for is on this weekend Yell  So I'm taking my resting very seriously in the hopes that I can still make it! 

I do hope for your sake though that it's nothing to worry about and that you'll feel better soon .


Take care,