Had LLETZ 4 days ago, feel so unwell

Is it normal to feel this terrible after?

i don't have lots of bleeding any more, none of the "warning" symptoms listed on my information sheet. Just start feeling so poorly and odd if I do very much at all. Even gentle exercise makes me feel really rotten.


i fainted and was sick just after the procedure, so didn't really get much info/time to ask questions.

also have no idea if it's normal to not be told what was found/how severe it is? Was it just because I was ill after? Should I be worried? All I know is the smear result said mild/moderate and then when Dr examined me she said she "definitely" wanted to do the LLETZ procedure straight away ...



Hi rainbow drops (love the name)

So sorry to hear you've had such a rough time, give your body more credit for what it's been through. I think so many of us read the 'back to work the next day and push ourselves after what is a stressful experience! You had a lot to deal with in one day alone with also having the procedure at the same time.

I felt rotten for a while after, just generally unwell so tired and emotional  (not helped by a recent returned bout of depression). I didn't bleed much after but the pain got worse so had antibiotics to cover things. Pain does get Better with time though for me the discharge has got heavier, it's all a little gross right now! I had the day after Off, tried to go back for one day and ended up having the next week off work. Thankfully i recently started work in a GP practice with lots of women who are so understanding. 

This is just my experience but it helped me just reading words of another person! 

I really hope you feel better soon and get all good news xx

Hi rainbow drops, 

Sorry to hear your feelig like crap to say the least! Maybe you should get a check up by your GP if you feel very unwell? I felt the same very unwell and if you like me have a slightly lower immune system you may of picked up a virus or infection, especially if you haven't rested after the procedure. Give yourself a little 'you time' and get plenty of rest. 

I hope this has helped a little I wouldn't like you to have any infection that's isn't picked up as I know what it's like, i have 3 infections after my op. Only you know your body and if it doesn't feel right make it clear to them 

Hope your feeling better soon and your results from the LLETZ should be hear soon and it's easier said than done but try not to worry yourself. If you have unanswered questions give the colposcopy clinic a call see if they can help.



July 2017- Smear-  low grade abnormalities and hpv

10th August  2017 - colposcopy - biopsy results CIN3 hpv

19th August 2017 - LLETZ and cone biopsy under GA 

** Awaiting results **