Had First Meeting with Oncologist

Had my first meeting with oncologist today, and my head is slightly clearer.  It turns out my polyp was protruding from my uterus into my cervix, so my abnormalities are uterine and not cervical.  I should have an MRI scan within the next 2 weeks, going back to clinic in 3 weeks to get the results and my hysterectomy is pencilled in for 8th October.  But oncologist said "We will probably look at doing that keyhole and you'll just be in hospital overnight".  But the initial test results all show that everything is just sitting on the outer layer, and that the hysterectomy should do the job.  Still trying to get my head around things, but they were very positive that they have got it early and my sister you came with me said "They wouldn't give you that hope if it wasn't the case".  Just keeping everything crossed that the MRI is okay xxx

Hi Laura,

That sounds very positive to me and your sister is right, they wouldn't say that if they weren't sure.  I had my MRI on Monday and my hysterectomy is pencilled in for the 24th September.  Like you, I'm just keeping everything crossed that the MRI results will be ok.  Wishing you all the very best, let us know how you get on.


Good news!! Yes, they wouldn't say anything to get your hopes up if they weren't sure.

Like Cheryl, I have hysterectomy on 24th so will post on here afterwards with gory details (lol!) so you know another story to help you prepare for yours x

Good luck


Thanks ladies - any tips on getting through the MRI that is making me very anxious?  The consultant was lovely, she explained everything clearly and will make a decision on leaving my ovaries after seeing the MRI scan.  It is all still very surreal, I am just hoping they have caught it as early as they think they have. xx

Hi Laura,

I was extremely anxious about the MRI too.  I got 3 x 2mg diazepam from my GP, took one 2 hours before and the other two 1 hour before.  They didn't make me drowsy and I was still very nervous but guess they took the edge off it.

Anyway, the bit that made me happier was I went in feet first and my head wasn't inside so I could still see the room and hubby by my side which reassurred me.

I came out thinking that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be which was very positive for me!

Good luck, hope it goes well.


Just close your eyes! It is very noisy so ask for music on in the headphones they put on or take your own CD along. It toon about half an hour for mine and I had a blanket over me as it was quite cold then closed my eyes and thought through other things. Nice to have eyes shut anyway as they are sore from lack of sleep over all of this anyway!

Don't worry, it won't be as bad as you think it will. And as Cheryl said, you go in feet first!

Chin up Don X