Had Colposcopy

Hi all I had the colposcopy and 2 biopsies taken. The consultant said it was very very mild. They didnt do any treatment like I have heard on this site. I am a bit confused because even if it was mild would they not remove those cells? - my smear was border line with HPV. Any advice would be good xxx


If the area of abnormality is very small and the changes very mild, then they often leave it alone and get you to return for another colposcopy in six months time. This is completely safe, so don't worry. They do this because often, your body can correct mild abnormalities without any intervention, so they don't want to give you treatment that you might not need. If when you return in six months the abnormality is still there, it's possible that they'll conclude that your body isn't resolving it on its own and at that point they may decide to treat you. So, don't worry, they've done exactly the right thing. 

Annabel. x

Thank for very much for this and putting my mind at rest :) xx