Had Colposcopy treatment 1 wk ago had call today have to go back to hosp tomorro


Please could someone out there stop my mind from spinning!

Had a Colposcopy precedure 1 week ago,

and yesterday recieved a letter from the hospital asking me to go back to see them.

Firstly I was told at my lst appt that my  results would take 4 weeks to get to me , so you can

understand my panic. Please does this mean something really not good?

look forward to any experiences on this please.



What did the letter actually say?

Hi Angie

I've not got direct experience of this, but didn't want to read and run. I have read a lot of other people's posts, including quite a few from people with the same question as you.

You said you had "colposcopy treatment" - do you mean that the colposcopy (which is the bit where they have a look at your cervix) showed clear changes, so they did the LLETZ treatment there and then? Because if so, quite a few ladies have been called back to the hospital a bit like you have, and then been told that they need another bit of LLETZ treatment. They want to see a certain amount of space around the bad cells they took out, i.e. they should have got the bad bits plus a bit around the edges to be sure. If they haven't achieved the "clear margins" that they want, they may be getting you in to explain that they need to take a bit more.

There are quite a few posts on here from people who have had this situation, so being called back to the hospital doesn't necessary mean that the worst news of all awaits you there.

Fingers crossed that it is all OK for you



to be honest nothing was said on the letter I have an appt booked at the Colposcopy clinic and time and date. When I

then decided to give them a call and was informed that my biopsy was looked at and they need to see me ASAP.

The recepionist could give me no more details than that over the telephone.

Thanks for replying it means alot !!!


Hi Elsie,

sorry if I was unclear think when I wrote this post I was in a confused state, right lets make it more clear.

Had  1st LLETZ on 31st July 2015

Then recieved appt to Colposcopy for 10th August 2015, as they have looked at my biopsy and want to see me again.

Hope this makes more sense.

Thanks for replying to me!!


Yikes I can see why you're worried - I think I would be too. Although the other thing mentioned by a lot of ladies on here, especially ones who work in the medical profession, is that receptionists are not allowed to tell you anything over the phone because they are not qualified to interpret the results, nor to explain anything to you if you have questions. So if, for example they found CIN3 (severe) and your smear only came back mild, they might get you in to explain that you need treatment. Apparently some places they won't give you results over the phone at all and make people come back in to get them!

I hope you havent got too long to wait before your appointment, waiting is the pits. Let us know how you get on

ha ha we were writing at the same time there. Well in that case, it might not be too bad. They look at punch biopsies, where they are taken to clarify CIN level (as they were in my case). If upon inspection at the colposcopy, the colposcopist is sure he or she is looking at severe changes (CIN3) they won't bother with the punch biopsies, they just do the LLETZ right away, which sounds like what happened with you.

In that case, the chunk removed during LLETZ is used as a 'biopsy' and analysed, and that's what they will be talking about. So it may well be that they didnt get clear margins and want to remove a bit more to be on the safe side. Which would be a drag, having to go through it all again, but better than the alternative possibility I guess!

How is you get on angie xx

Hi hope you are ok I know how worrying it all is. Xxx

Thanks you lovely ladies for your kind words and advice. I have hospital this afternoon so will know more.

Sorry if my post seems unclear yesterday but only recieved letter then.  I had smear test done about a month ago

and in the time since had results of smear which showed severe cells in which I then had LLETZ TREATMENT 31ST July then

went off to the South of France for a week in the sun (heaven) I must add I DID NOT SWIM!! ( as advised). Then came home

yesterday and had the letter about follow up appt at Colscopy clinic. What threw me was I was informed that biopsy results from the LLETZ

would take 4 weeks and I would get this in the post. Ah well will know more later today, will let you know later.

Thanks again ladies.


Dear Sarah,

thanks for your kindness ,up hospital later today. Looking at your history I wish you all the best lovely!! How you been through this hard time?

take care and thanks again.

Hi Angie

It's not been easy but I have got through it with keeping busy, prayers and positive thinking (most of the time, some bad days of feeling sorry for myself!).

Thinking of you today please let us know how you are. xxxxx

Hi Angie, any news? Didnt want to read and run! Wishing you all the best xx

Hi ladies,

Well had my results, and  its cervical cancer its stage 1b, but now just waiting to have MRI just to confirm this.Been advised a Radical Hysterectomy.Feel numb to be honest.I felt worse telling my loved ones about it, as we lost our Mum to cancer just 2 years ago, all I could keep thinking was OMG my poor family ,they have to deal with this C word again and I feel so guilty!! Im blessed to have an amazing family and partner who will support me 100%. This whole thing will sink in soon Im sure , but right now Im being strong and got to keep positive.I have to, Im sure I will get my days of panic and crumble Im only human.


Oh Angie, I'm so sorry. Everyone was keeping their fingers crossed for you that it wouldn't be anything so bad.

Take good care of yourself and please don't feel guilty - it's not your fault this horrible thing has ended up on your doorstep.

Sending you big hugs

x x

Hi Angie

Big hugs I remember feeling numb and disbelief and why me, all normal feelings. But my best advice will be to still do the things you normally do whether that be going for meals, reading, watching a comedy etc don't dwell on it all day. And don't google ask questions here. I think back and the worst days are when I didn't listen to this advice. Be kind to yourself. This site is great for support so keep in touch. lots of love xxxxx

I'm really sorry to read you have been given the diagnosis none of us want to hear. I too struggled to know how to tell some family members as we had lost my step-father to lung cancer just 2 years previously. 

I would whole heartedly agree with what others have said and stay away from Google. It is no-ones friend in these circumstances. Any questions just ask on here, there is a wealth of knowledge and experiences to be found. 

I was diagnosed with stage 2b and have had to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I have my last radiotherapy this afternoon. 7 weeks done! Once you've had scans and there is a plan in place everything starts to feel a little easier to cope with. I'm not going to lie though, the waiting for things to happen at first feels like a lifetime. Do lots of things to keep you busy and your mind on other things.

Big hugs and lots of support

Rach xx

Thanks all you brave lovely ladies !!!!!!

Will be on this forum alot now , its a very supportive place to be.Today intend to go see my little sister and my beautiful niece and newphew they always cheer me up.


Big hugs to you all.

Angie, I am sending you the biggest of hugs. Hope you can feel them xx

Hi angie,  I am so sorry to read your news. I know how scary it is to go through.  I was in a dark dark.place while waiting to see the oncologist.  I couldn't believe I had this.  I just kept repeating those horrible horrible words to myself. But it will get better, trust me. I started a Video blog for myself on day 4after diagnosis.  I think I did my last one about 30 fuss later.  That really helped. Writing everything down really helped me too. 


Please stay strong and know you can get through this.  Did they say how big the tumour was that they found?  Did they clear the margins?

Nat x