Had colposcopy today

....and it really wasn't that bad. I thought I would write something in case anyone else is looking for reassurance.

The whole appointment took just over 30 minutes. I got my appointment letter 5 days after my abnormal smear test letter, the appointment was for only 4 days after the letters arrival so it was all really quick, but that hadn't stopped me worrying for several days. There were 3 people at the appointment, the consultant and 2 Nurses. They were all really lovely, and helped put me at ease. The consultant explained why I had been referred, what she would be doing and treatment options. I then got changed behind a curtain and sat on the chair. It's not very dignified but everyine was so matter of fact that I didn't feel awkward. The Dr then has a look at the cervix, dabs some acetic acid and iodine on and has another look. This is just like a smear and completely painless. She then said that she did t think that it was anything too serious and she recommended treatment was done striaoght away if I felt up to it. 

i I definitely wanted to get it over and done with so I said yes. The Dr explained again and then started - it took about 5-10 mins In total. The only slightly unpleasant bit is having the local anaesthetic injections, it feels just like any injection in the mouth, but it's a bit odd as its inside. It also made me feel a bit faint for a couple of minutes, apparently it's a reaction to the anaesthetic. After that you feel nothing, the biopsy and loop excision takes about 60 seconds, then the cauterisation takes another couple of minutes. There is a warm sensation and a slight smell of burning! And then you're done. They brought me a drink of water and even offered a cup of tea, and told me to take my time getting changed. 

Ive just got to wait around 3 weeks now for the results, but as the Dr was pretty reassuring I'm reasonably unconcerned. 

Live got a little bit of cramp but not had any painkillers other than the ones I took just prior to my appointment.

i had my treatment at St Mary's in Manchester, and it really is nothing to worry about. I've had more unpleasant experiences at the dentist! 


Hope pe this helps if anyone else is worried. 

I have mine on Wednesday. This defnitely helps! Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope your results are good ones. Xx 

Thanks for sharing xx

So. Had my colposcopy yesterday. My hospital doesn't treat on the day  She took three biopsies and I have to wait and see what they come back with. So fingers crossed for us both. Hope you get good news! 

Thanks. Will let you know. Not really thinking about it.