Had Colposcopy - Highly Unusal Abnormalities

Hi, I was told by my GP that my smear showed CGIN however I have had my colposcopy and it turns out my GP made a mistake and the lab did not say I have CGIN but it was something to treat  the same grade as that as they didnt know what it was. Had my colposcopy and the doctor said I have an area of cells on my cervix (not in glands) that are so highly unusual that he doesn't know what they are and he has over 30 years experience.

I did ask him twice if he thought they looked like cancer and he said he didn't think they did! Was so relieved! However, he has asked the lab to process my biopsy urgently within 2 weeks so he must think it could be serious? My mind is now racing that it is a rare cancer or some other horrible disease?!! But can't think of one worse than cancer? I wish I could shut off my brain!!

It seems i'm in a rare and strange position so I don't expect anyone to reply to me but i needed to write it down and get it off my chest!

Thanks ladies xx 



Hello, I'm new here. I hope your ok :) I had my biopsy last week after my smear and colposcopy showed severe dyskaryosis. I do understand how you feel, I've been told that my results will be back in 2 weeks. The waiting is driving me absolutely insane and I'm exhausting myself with all the thoughts racing through my mind. Since the start of this I've found this site an absolute god send. If you need to chat or rant :) then just let me know xx

Hi, thanks for your reply! It's all terrifying isn't it, I'm finding it hard to cope with the fear. I didn't realise what a wimp I am! It's good really that our results will be back soon but I'm dreading it. I am already jumping every time my phone rings even though it's a bank holiday weekend & they won't have looked at it yet! Same goes to you if you need to chat :-) hope your ok xx

I very much doubt your a wimp! :) It's typical isn't it, waiting for results and there has to be a long bank holiday weekend during the 2 weeks. Since this began every time the post comes or my phone rings I'm a nervous wreck. Keeping everything crossed :) xx