Had CIN 3, now borderline. Is 3yrly smears normal?

Hi in April I had CIN 3 on my very first smear and had a large chunk of cervix removed by LLETZ. 

6months later my smear shows borderline changes and they have proposed I come back for a further smear in 3years?!? 

I thought it was yearly following CIN 3? Especially as my smear 6months post that procedure is not normal it's borderline? Can anyone advise? I'm stressing out. I don't want to wait 3yrs I'm just not comfortable with that! :(

If you have border line changes then 3 years is way too long! I believe they normally see you in 3 to 6 months to check if your body has cleared it. I would insist on being seen in 6 months time. In the meamtime, get as healthy as you can to help your body clear it. Less alcohol, no smoking, lots of fruit and veg, less stress and exercise xx

I definitely agree that 3 years is too long But I think it could be something to do with HPV. If you're HPV negative & borderline it is three yearly smear (for people who haven't had previous treatmen at least). i would express your concerns to the gp who will hopefully be able to help. 

Good luck. X

This is just wrong you should be at an absolute minimum be on annual smears for a few years  and with borderline changes I would have thought 6 monthly more appropriate. Call Jos (if you are based in UK) and  they can advise so you can say the right thing to the hospital when you call them.  Xxx