Had cells removed

Just had cancer cells lazered off nurse done it really quick i was on my way home i started bledding badly my body shut down i was weak i had no life me lossing big clots i rang nurse hwo did it told me go to the hospital they sent for an ambulance got the the hospital bleeding so bad lossing clots wating there 3 hour’s or more another 2 hours on drip go taking to the surgery war docter seen me.right away told me gotta stay in srill bleeding badly got left on bed with drips in my arm come half 4 in the morning bi passed out puring out blood to be told i had my blood vessels had poped they manged stop the bleeding by applying something inside they told i had to have blood put bk in but never happend the next day they removed the thing they put up sent me home know am home weak in bed and in pain