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hi all


received a letter today to go for a colposcopy examination!! Shocked and bewildered by it all only had my smear 2/3 weeks ago, rang my doctor who informed me that i have borderline abnormal cells and HVP1? had a look on cancer research uk website (i know internet can be a enemy when it comes to health) but it said there are different types so can anyone shed any light on my type as was not mentioned? Also how did anyone find the colposcopy? All information greatly received, i know i am probably worried about nothing but in 25 with children 6 and nearly 4 but all happened so fast getting letter out the blue this morning just makes you think the worst, my colposcopy date is 14th aug 2015. Look forward to anyones stories or replys




Hi Laura I'm also 25 and I know how you feel and how scary that letter is. The results from my smear was severe changes (high grade dyskaryosis, cin3) and because I didn't understand what it meant and hadn't prepared myself for an abnormal result I just burst in to tears. The first thing I said to my boyfriend was I don't understand, am I being told I have cancer? As you'll see from my signature I've had a bit if a journey since then, but still the most terrifying moment for me was that first letter so you're not alone. The good news is borderline changes is not cancer and usually go back to normal on their own. Its very unlikely to be anything more sinister. They'll just do a colposcopy to have a closer look with a magnifying glass type thing. It's really no different to a smear except you'll have a lovely nurse to hold your hand and catch your tears if your scared. You also have the chance to watch a screen that shows what they're seeing but I personally was a bit too squeamish to look. Don't get too bogged down with the hpv stuff. I haven't been tested for hpv because they already knew I'd need treatment so there was no point. Around 80% of women get hpv, it's very common, most people's immune systems fight it off over time. If you are interested to know what strain you have though ask them at the colposcopy, but it's nothing to be concerned about. I wish you all the best on the 14th, let us know how you get on. If you have any more questions or worries come on here, there's always bound to be someone who can reassure you. Stay away from Google if you can. Big hugs xxx