Had a Check up today... Worried

Hi all,

today I had my usual 4 monthly check at the hospital, (2 years since radical hysterectomy) when she was pressing my tummy on my left lower side it hurt, ive never felt it before at check ups and it was quite a sharp pain when pressed in a certain spot. She has ordered an urgent internal ultrasound and I have to wait for it to come through, has anyone else had this? The worst thing is all the waiting!


Did you keep your ovaries? I have had harmless cysts found on every ultrasound. (The ones where they could find my ovaries that is) I have an internal US on every check up though. Easier said than done but TRY not too worry too much. Xx

Hi Rebecca :-)

Everyone, fit and healthy people who have never had a sniff of cancer go through small body changes all the time. We are very complicated biology. These things come and go, mostly they are harmless and mostly they sort themselves out without any assistance from medical people. The difference for you now is that you are being scrutinised three times a year so sooner or later something 'interesting' is bound to come to their attention. So far I've had 3 out of 6 exams where something worthy of further examination has been found. They have all turned out to be nothing important but they absolutely must be checked out. I hope you find this is the same in your case. I also know how very difficult it is not to worry so please just take comfort from the fact that most of these funny littrle discoveries are nothing sinister at all.

Please let us know how it turns out!

Be lucky



Thanks ladies, yes I have kept my ovaries, let's hope it's just a cyst or scar tissue :)