Had 2 colposcopy done in 6 months would they show cancer on my cervix


i had an abnormal smear in nov 2012 showing boarder line high risk hpv I had a colposcopy done a few weeks after result and was told that a biopsy wasnt needed as white areas faded I was still very worried so i went private to get a second opinion I asked to have another colposcopy done and a biopsy taken as I was so worried I had cancer he took a biopsy of a very small area and sent it off when it came back it showed no abnormality or hpv it his was done in dec and am due my follow up smear in may ths year I am only 32 and have never had a problem with smears I had twin boys back in June so wonder if having the, made my smear abnormal I still get up every morning and its on my mind I cant  even have sex 



Sorry to hear what you've been through. I think the implementation of HPV testing is supposed to reduce stress but I think it's causing a lot of stress for many ladies.

Borderline changes are the very early stages of cell changes and most of the time they go back to normal. Prior to HPV testing, when you had that smear result you would have called for a repeat smear in 6 months and chances are that would've been normal. As there was a positive HPV they referred you because this is what thye're doing now. Most people come into contact with HPV and their immune sytem gets rid of it. So it's quite likely this is what's happened to you if they can't find HPV or abnormal cells. 

Do go for your smear in May, it's quite possible it will be normal, although even if it isn't you'll be monitored. I do undertsand what a worry all this is though, especially as you have small children as well. 

Hope this helps, do take care x

Thank you for replying to my post I am new to this so wasn't sure if I would get anyone reply on here.

I am booked in for smear this Friday as need to know if it is normal or got worse I have been taking vitamins and walking loads I have twins who are 10 months so life is very stress fall 


i will let you know how I get on 

thank you x



i had my smear done yesterday and because I went private it gets sent to a lab in London and will take a few days for result have a feeling it is going to come back worse as When I had it done I wasn't feeling to well my daughter had had a sickness bug and when I got home I wasn't to well and apparently it can make the hpv virus show up if you are fighting an infection.wish I had left it but just wanted to get it out the way as I am constantly worried sick its affecting my relationship just keep thinking because i have hpv high risk it is going to turn into cancer I'm so scared my consultant said most people who have abnormal smear have Highrisk hpv ?