Gyno referral

Hi everybody!

I've just found this website and it's like a dream to read all these forums!

i have been going to my doctor for 4 years of symptoms now and fobbed off each time for being on the wrong contraceptive yet nobody examining me for symptoms, even though I have asked on several occasion doctor and nurse has refused too! Last week I stood my ground and told the doctor i was not leaving until I had been exammined, as soon as I laid down on the table and opened me up she saw the large growth of cells on my cervix, did a smear and urgently refered me to the hospital. 


i have my first gyno appointment in the morning but my letter doesn't have much info! I'm hoping to have a colposcopy and get it over and done with? Will they do that in being the first appointment or arrange for me to come back another time?


All experience stories welcome!


thanks a million in advance girls!

Oh honey,

you must be so cross. What symptoms did you have? 

I would think you'll have a colposcopy and probably some punch biopsies this morn, although I think sometimes they do lletz on the spot. More likely not though. Take a couple of painkillers before you go, more for comfort than pain as it doesn't really hurt, and maybe bring a sanitary towel.

if there is anything to worry about they will move quickly. I do think you should make some sort of complaint about your previous treatment, or lack of.

love, Molly xxx hope it goes ok this morning, do let us know.