gynecological cytology report

I am 66 had breast cancer taking arimidex which removes all estrogen, previous biopsy etc., showed pre cancerous cells., usually does internal ultra sound, then depending on the thickness of lining will do biopsy.  This time I went it has been 2 years., just did standard smear test., I didn't even think till I left gee he didn't do any of the other things., but I figured I would ask when I got my results back.  This is what my results state.

Negative for intraepitheilal lesion or malignancy.  Atophic pattern, predominantly parabasal cells


Parabasal cells in smears that lack maturation due to atrophy or other hormonal reasons cannot be differentiated from trnsformation zone cells.


Accordingly, presence or asence of endocervical or transformation zone components cannot be reported in this patient.


I am just concerned, is there anyone who could explain this to me....Thank you so much.