Gynaecology test tomorrow


I hope you don't mind me posting on here, all your forum chats made me feel welcome to ask you a few questions.

I recently went to the doctors with post-coital bleeding and watery discharge, and avoided googling before my appt.  However my doctor immediately said she wanted to refer me as I had previous history of CIN and abnormal smears and had the LLETZ about 6 years ago, the referal letter basically said dont worry it may not be cancer.... so from not worrying I got the laptop out and ended up here.  I have my appointment at hospital tomorrow with the gynaecology unit, and know it can be a number of things and hate to impose on people with more worrying questions, but does anyone know what to expect, what questions to ask, and is there certain tests I should make sure I should have done? Any info would help!!


Thank you for listening, you ladies really are amazing and what a great strength you give to one another!


Hi Lou :-)

Welcome to the forum! I am so glad the lap-top led you here and not down Terror Street, what a well-behaved lap-top you must have! I would imagine (though I cannot say for certain) that they will take a sample of some sort, possibly a biopsy, possibly a LLETZ. From my experience medical people are very happy to answer all sorts of questions so if you just keep chatting, asking about this and that, What's this for? What does that mean? When will you know? What happens next? then they will answer as best they can.

Be lucky


Thank you Tivoli, you're right, I just seem to go silent in these scenarios, but I will get some coffee down me and just keep the chatter flowing.

Thank you for taking the time to respond!


I had an ultrasound and vaginal scan on my first visit.  I had had a smear done 5 weeks before, which was negative, so I wasn't ecpecting to have cervical cancer.  Originally, I was told I had a polyp, and then a fibroid.

Hi April, 

Thanks for replying.  What further tests did they do for you in the end? Did they pick this up on your scan?  

i ended up having a transvaginal ultrasound (which made me bleed) then the doctor had a look at my cervix (not a coloposcopy, through the speculum) Ive been referred for a colposcoopy, and I also have a septated cyst on my ovary, so I have to go back for futher scans in a few weeks to check on the cyst, and had CA125 blood tests to check my tumour levels.

Sadly they have no solid answers for me as to the bleeding, so more investigations, and more bleeding!

Hope you're ok!x