Gynaecologist & Cervical ectropion

Hi everyone, 

Just after a bit of advice really! Very new and overwhelm to all this - like many. 
I went to my GP as I was experiencing vaginal bleeding for three weeks. It started on the 3rd October. Spotting but enough to wear a thin pad to avoid spoiling underwear. 
9th October : My GP did an examination and confirmed the bleeding was coming from the neck of the womb and that she thought there might be a tear to my cervix but couldn’t say for certain as there was too much bleeding. She then referred me to see a gynaecologist based on an urgent referral. 
31st October : I attended the appointment to see the gynaecologist and he did another examination same as what my GP did (by this time the bleeding had stopped - typical) he then confirmed that I have cells growing outside the cervix. I found the procedure really uncomfortable and I never have done before, he explained he went higher as my cervix is tilted. Long and short he suggested they can be left as a watch & wait type of thing or they can be removed / burned off. 
I am now waiting for the appointment to come through for that. I’m 27 and last had a smear in 2015 which was my first smear and all was ok. However last year I was referred to the gynaecologist for similar symptoms and this wasn’t picked up unless they didn’t go high enough? What’s concerning me is I haven’t had a 2nd smear yet as I’m not due one so I have no idea how advanced these cells are that have grown outside the cervix. I’ve read other ladies stories where by they are having the same procedure as me following a smear showing CIN 1,2 or 3, where as I’m kinda skipping the biopsy step so I have no idea what to think! 
I’ve never ever had an operation or any kind of medical procedure - I’m absolutely terrified of hospitals and I know it’s only done under local anaesthetic but sometimes determined at biopsy stage that general anaesthetic could be require depending on the location etc! 
If anyone has any advice or has been through this I’d be greatly appreciated. When asked could these cells lead to cancer or could be cancerous the reply from the gynaecologist “unlikely” doesn’t really settle any worry. 
Thanks in advance. x 


Your description is uncanny! I’m also 27, and have had unexpected bleeding for a while. I was diagnosed with cervical ectropian and due to my most recent test (which was an abnormally painful and traumatising experince that scared the living daylights out of me as all previously smears had been painless) coming back as high grade abnormal was referred for colposcopy and biopsy. On repeat smear and biopsy the results all came back as mild changes (a very stressful over diagnosis!) and yesterday I had cauterisation performed under GA to sort this and the ectopian out. 

If you are still on the fence about the procedure and want me to share my experience send me a message! Having felt such extreme stress and anxiety over the whole experience, and feeling like I had a lot of unanswered questions about local vs GA and the procedure, and whether to go private or not, I’m happy to share! :)