Gush of blood/clots 3 weeks after Lletz normal?



Firstly I'd like to say ive been reading many posts on here since I got that first dreadful letter saying I have moderate Dyskaryosis! What a blow that felt like! This site is truly amazing bringing people together to help eachother through a very difficult time in our lives! You are all such wonderful people! thought id stop trying to deal with this alone and try and be apart of others who really understand what im going through! :)


I had a LLETZ for cin2 on the 18th decemeber just over 3 weeks ago, I came away with no bleeding just a clear discharge, i awaited the 10-12 day expected bleed with the "scab".. that hasnt happened.. I started to lightly bleed a couple days ago, this morning i woke up with a gush (sorry for tmi) of what looked like clots and blood!! totally freaked out!! has anyone eles experieced this? is it normal? I was due on my period on the 1st.. so wondering if my period has arrived with a vengence, still no sign of scab?



Hi Carmela,

Yes, I think it’s normal. My first period after LLETZ was pretty spectacular and I think it flushed out left over grunge from the treatment. I never had a ‘scab’ as such (things are pretty moist in there), but I did have multicoloured stuff from the wound cauterisation.

On the plus side, I found that my discharge stopped pretty quickly after my period so I think it’s quite a good thing to have a good clear out, although it didn’t seem like it at the time.

Best of luck with your recovery and results.x

Thank you for relying Rosehip :)


Yes that gush this morning was pretty spectacular! phew, i've seen so many posts about pepper looking grains and scabs, was starting to think something was wrong because ive seen no sign of this! Hopefully after my period things start to settle as you did :) I do wonder if the gush with the clot was actually the so called scab. i wonder..


Best of luck to you also for the 10th!! xxx



I had LLETZ for CIN3 - had about 1 week of a little discharge and cant say I ever say any sign of a scab!!! everyone is so different. I had my period about 1 week later which was ALOT heavier than normal and I had a few "gushes" Embarassed which freaked me out a bit. I would say you are fine unless you keep bleeding heavily. Its all a bit grim isnt it!!


Cat x 

I had lletz under GA about a month ago, it will be a month on Monday, and I wondered if my symptoms were normal. In week 1 I had light pink discharge and weeks 2 until now I've been bleeding but it's not been painful or too heavy. Yesterday was the first day I hardly had any blood, then today it's been quite heavy and I've had 2 clots (sorry to be gross!). One about the size of a 10p and the other double the size. Is this normal for week 4 or should I be worried??