Growths on cervics - I am so scared

Hi everyone
I’m new to the forum but been reading posts.

My last smear was 2015 and I know it’s remiss of me not to have gone back. The dr said I had an ectropion but wasn’t concerned. I should have had it double checked to be sure. I’m worried it was the start of CC.

My mum died of CC in 2014.

In 2019 I had 3-4 weeks of brown discharge but it went away. I had been doing loads of running and training. I was 41 at that time.

The last 6-7 months I have been getting discharge, not smelly but white and sometimes pink. I also find a few days before my period is due to start I spot a bit. But it is minium. Periods regular until this month, lasted only 3 days.

I had a bleed in September witu a clot. Then it went and I got my period as normal.

Since then, last few months on and off more white discharge. I have a lower back ache and seem to be going loo to wee a lot. I booked a private smear and pelvic exam as I was panicking.

On looking at my cervix the Gynae specialist said he could see a polyp of sorts maybe two and took a smear and I bleed. The sample was pink mixed with blood. I am a mess worrying.

He did a transvaginal US and said everything looked fine but could see the cervix thing on the screen.

I have been told to wait for his letter and then to have the removal and testing of the polyp but I don’t think it’s a polyp at all. I’m utterly terrified having read stories on here people who’ve had this and had cancer and some died.

I am struggling to cope. I feel scared and I don’t know what to do. I have a partner and friends but I can’t deal with it all.

I saw what my mum went through.

This thing inside me, how would the Gynae call it a polyp when it could be a tumour of cancer. He said he doesn’t know till it’s removed. I am so scared.

I can’t cope - please someone help

Hi Izzy,

I am truly sorry for what happened, and I understand how you must be feeling. I just want you to know that you are not alone and that the ladies here are a great source of support. Firstly, please stop blaming yourself for not doing the smear test earlier. While it is important to do all screening procedures on time, we are only human, and we tend to forget or get busy. The most important thing is to learn from our mistakes and move forward.
Secondly, you mentioned that the doctor thinks it’s polyps. It is a very common occurrence, and yes, it might cause bleeding. I had one removed myself a few years ago, and they are usually benign. They can be caused by hormonal changes and other factors. Also, it’s important to remember that you are not your mom, and cervical cancer is not hereditary, and it is usually caused by HPV. Even if the worst were to happen, ten years is a long time in terms of medical advancements. There are always new treatments and drugs being introduced that could help. I can see that you are struggling to cope, and it’s important to talk about it. You could try calling one of the listening helplines, like Samaritans. They won’t give you advice, but they will listen, and sometimes just venting out all your worries can help a lot. I like to use this analogy: if you overfill a carrier bag with heavy shopping, the handles will eventually snap. But if you start taking things out, the carrier bag will last for years. The same thing applies to our brains. Talking about your worries won’t necessarily solve the problem, but it can help you unload or maybe even cry (I cried… a lot ) and then start thinking about a solution, take it one step at a time.
Most importantly, follow the doctor’s advice and look after yourself.

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Thanks for replying, it means a lot to me.

I was prompted to go get seen after I developed (suddenly) after my last period lower back ache and feel like I need to pee all the time even when I’ve just been. After I go, my bits feel weird inside, like uncomfortable.

I remember having something similar years ago and it was a UTI. The thing is, with the growth on my cervics and these symptoms - it’s making me think advanced CC.

I don’t bleed every day, in fact - if I did I’d have gone ages ago to get checked but discharge, yea that’s been seeming heavier for a few months. That growth couldn’t have just got to the size it did over night and if it was CC - it’s taken time to become a growth and therefore cells could be flying all over my body.

When I got the Pap test the other day, I bled load and I thought ‘what if touching that growth has disturbed it and cells will fly around’. It has made me utterly sick with worry.

The doctor showed me a picture of what he said it looked like but the picture he showed (albeit a polyp) it had strange characteristics. It, for example, had white patches on it. I don’t know if he was suggesting mine did or whether he wanted to illustrate the colour (bright red) and rounded. The size on the screen of the Google image looks massive. I’ve attached the exact pic he told me to look at and it’s on the polyps section when you Google it.

Also, he seemed to be annoyed with me, I was getting so so scared and crying at points. I was like a rabbit in headlights. I remember my mums face when they took her in that room. My god it haunts me. Her smears btw, all clear. She was taken into hospital after a series of discharge (brown and bloody) told numerous times it was nothing to worry about and then a few bleeds and one big one. That’s when my step dad took her to hospital and they did a biopsy. I’m guessing they had a tumour to biopsy? Because it must have been there to form, to see I mean.

Because I have something big enough now, I’m terrified it’s sinister. If there’s something, the cells have become a clump over time and I’m scared it’s so advanced nothing can be done.

Do you mind if I ask you about how you knew you had a polyp? Was it anything to do with the cancer you had. I had a smear, waiting results and I’m scared it will be abnormal and if it is, I’ve pretty much convinced myself the growth next to those cells must be too. A derivative of I mean. I’m a mess worrying. I’ve eaten today which is more than I’ve been doing since Thursday.

I was lay in bed all day Thursday and Friday. My friend (who’s had cancer) said to me I can’t give up before I know but I have no energy. I’m so despairing and scared. I don’t have the mindset. I’m not strong like you and so many people on this forum.

Thanks again for taking time to reply x

I don’t want to ring Samaritans. I can’t go through talking to someone who can’t empathise. But thanks for suggesting xx


I can see that you are feeling pretty bad right now. I never had cervical cancer, but I had persistent HPV. During my first colposcopy, the doctor discovered a polyp and removed it then and there. There was a bit of blood and a bit of pain afterwards, but it was not too bad. A few weeks later, I received the results from the biopsy, which showed that it was benign. As far as I know, there is no connection between cervical cancer and polyps. Most polyps are benign. When I discovered that I had HPV, I was very scared and cried a lot. I panicked and spoke to the nurse at my GP, who advised me about Jos web page. Maybe it is worth talking to Jos helpline? Anyway, after a couple of years, a few smears and two colposcopies, I am now HPV-negative. I hope my positive story helps a bit.


Hi. I’m glad you’re okay.

The Gynae couldn’t remove it there and then. He said I’d have to go to the hospital for a hysteroscopy thing? This clearly means it’s big? I’ve read if it’s just there they can be twisted off.

When I asked him the size of it, he said of a grip? No idea what that meant X

Did you have any symptoms.

Hope you don’t mind me asking

I was a mess like this a couple of months back so I totally empathise. Mine turned out to be a totally benign polyp and I hope yours will be too!
I’m so sorry about your mum. What an horrendous thing to go through. The doctor should’ve been much more sympathetic and not acted annoyed with you at all! Of course you’re going to be very scared!
Well done for looking after yourself by eating something. You’re in shock, but any little bit of progress eating and sleeping and maybe self care like a bath or try to distract yourself a bit more as the days go by with comedy Tv shows or anything to try and make you smile a little bit. Please ring the Jos helpline too.
A few of the things you mentioned like ‘cells flying around your body’ and the likelihood of the smear being abnormal because it’s near the growth/polyp may not be true at all! I’d convinced myself this smear I had two months ago would be abnormal and that the growth was bound to be abnormal/cancerous. Neither were thankfully.
You don’t know how strong you can be until you’re given no other options lovely, hopefully you don’t have the worst case scenario. Lots of women on here probably didn’t feel strong when bad things happened, so don’t put yourself down. We all have bad days no matter what we’re going through. You will get through whatever is coming, the doctors and medical staff will help you and care for you. Just try and breathe, and take it one step at a time. That’s all we can do. Just listen to what the professionals say and be guided by them and hopefully this ordeal will be behind you soon. You’re stronger than you know, already. Take care of yourself. Xx

If he did a scan and couldn’t see anything else, and also he said he thinks it’s polyps, I think you’d be really unlucky to have advanced cc. If it had spread it would’ve probably showed up on the scan. If they think they’re looking at polyps, they know their stuff, they can’t guarantee when they remove it and test it that it might not have abnormal/precancerous or even cancerous cells but it’s unusual.
Even if that’s the case, cc is very treatable.

He did a transvaginal scan, he skimmed over the small cyst he mentioned in my ovary. He looked at my uterus, ovaries and said all fine and then mentioned the cervix because the growth in it could be seen. I don’t know how big it is or why he thinks it is a polyp or more but if it wasn’t a polyp- what would he call it?

Don’t they call all growths polyps?

Did you have any symptoms like discharge or spotting?

I had that bleed in September 4-5 days before period. I’m 45 I suspect my body is going a bit weird too, hormones and stuff x

It wasn’t an MRI or CT. It was transvaginal? Would that show much x

Hi Izzy,

2 years ago I started getting really bad pains near my left hip bone and heavy bleeding in between my periods. Of course I thought it was cancer at first, I googled and stressed. This is what led me to have my first smear test.

After several months, I managed to get a transvaginal scan and it showed that I had uterine polyp. The pain was unbearable on some days. I had heavy bleeding as well as pink/brown discharge.
During the wait period to see a specialist, my symptoms had stopped. Another transvaginal ultrasound had shown that my polyp had cleared on its own.

To this day, I haven’t had the symptoms again.
Unfortunately I my last smear test was positive but i now know that the bleeding and pain was not related to cancer but the polyp.

Cc is not hereditary, I know it’s hard when we have someone close to us pass away with cancer, we start thinking the worst.

Could you ask for a second opinion from another doctor? Definitely take the time to call Jo’s service.

I hope the thread is easing your stress a little x

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I don’t think he would’ve said polyp if it was a different type of growth, they have quite a distinctive appearance. And usually they’re benign. Mine was a big one, still benign thank God. They’re pretty common apparently!
I’m 40, and apparently they’re a common around perimenopause /menopausal time due to hormones, as you’ve said :slight_smile:
I had a bit of spotting after penetration (I’m not sexually active but I do have toys lol).
I understand, so it was a transvaginal scan, I’m not medically trained but I would guess if anything major was going on he would’ve seen something. But of course I can’t be sure and unfortunately until you’ve had the polyp removed and tested you won’t know for sure what it is and it’s the uncertainty and the waiting that is the real bitch :disappointed: I really hope you get some good answers soon

I’m gay, never had sex with a man but I believe you can get HPV from women if they’ve been with a man so, the smear will show that I guess. I’m waiting for smear results which are so stressful because I’ve had discharge / pink bloody spotting but it isn’t every day.

My last smear was so long ago. I regret not going for it - now I have to go get a worse procedure. I am so upset with myself. :frowning:

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Hi. Thanks for replying.

I saw a Gynae specialist but he was adamant I had to have it removed in the hospital - under GA. But when I spoke to my friend she said that GA isn’t necessarily needed. It may be because i was a wreck. He referred to it as a polyp but i wonder if thats what they calll all growths?

I am so anxious…. i am waiting for smear test results.
i dont think what i have can go without surgery x

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I was told I would have to get it removed too, but it cleared up within the wait for the appointment. And I was told it wouldn’t be under GA.

I was told it’s best to get it removed as it reduces the small chance that it can become cancerous. Having a polyp doesn’t mean you have cancer!

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I’ve even read virgins can contract HPV!
Please don’t beat yourself up about not going, you can only go forwards now, don’t look backwards. You will face whatever is coming and I hope it’s nothing too bad! X

I know but what I’ve read online is that growths on the cervics can be tumours. That’s what is terrifying me :frowning: