growth found on cervix

Hi, i am new but have recently been to my doctor for an examination which was yesterday. I made the appointment because i hadn't  been feeling well and had constipation which then went to diarrhea , i explained my symptoms and she looked at my medical history.She said i was late for my smear and she wanted to take some bloods.I told her that i was in a lot of pain with my periods which was really getting me down and had been getting worse for quite awhile so she said she would examine me then i would need to make an urgent appointment for my smear test because i had abnormal cells when i was 22 years old and had treatment i am now 40 and was late for my recent smear test. She then asked me to undress from the bottom down and make my self comfortable on the examination bed, She said she wanted to just have a look to see if everything looked ok so it was very much like a smaer. When she started she said i had a lot of discharge like watery discharge then she said she needs to look more closely because she had seen something om my cervix she wasn't happy with. At that point i just wanted to know what she had seen, she told me  to relax and she needed to get as far in as possible she wanted a closer look. She took some swabs to be sent off and asked me to get dressed and she would go through what she had found. She told me she was very worried that there was a growth on the wall of my cervix which when  touched  slightly it bled. She said she wanted me refering urgently to the hospital and didnt want to wait for a smear, She was really nice and even drew me a pic of what my cervix should be like and said mine was quite hard and the growth was on the wall and shown me on the drawing. she said not too worry too much yet and was refering me to the hospital because she wasn't happy. I got a phone call a few hours after my visit from the receptionist who said the doctor had asked her to ring to let me know she has set up an appointment at the hospital which is on the 9th of september on a monday. 

I am so worried now what this growth is , she thought with the pain i had with my periods it might be fybroids but she didn't mention that after she seen the growth.Has anyone else had this experience or can give me any advice i would be gratefull, she said i will have a biopsy and they will have a proper look at the growth when i go.

Hi Mariah

I have had a very similar experience to you....i was late for my smear after having my little girl. I went to have a coil fitted and they offered to do a smear at the same time. During the examination I had the same thing, lots of discharge and what she called an erosion. I believe that this is more of an overgrowth of cells from the lining of the womb that has come out (contrary to the name 'erosion') but still a growth, perhaps this is what you have too?If it is an erosion then it is supposed to be completely independent of CC so fingers crossed thats what it is. Mine bled to touch too. I had a smear and I was told I have high grade abnormalities (moderate)....I had a colposcopy yesterday......this is more than likely what your appointment will be. Its not too bad a procedure and doesn't hurt at all, but they have a really good look at whats going on in there and take some little tissue samples (biopsies).

Am sure you will be absolutely fine, but like you I am worrying myself silly so your not alone. My consultant did say she hadnt seen anything to worry about, but its still an anxious time. Its very common I believe....I know that doesnt help and I feel a bit of a hypocrite saying not to worry as I am the same!! But I just wanted to let you know I know how you feel and I am here if you need someone to talk to.


Hi Jac

Thank you so much for your reply, i have just recieved my referal letter today from the hospital for the 9th of september. I rang the hospital because there wasn't really much information just appointment time and where to go, there wasn't any information on what to expect or anything saying what not to do before hand, i was a bit confused because the lady at the hospital told me it was just for a consultation to discuss what will be the treatment and if i need surgery or anything and i explained that how could they discuss treatment when i haven't had any test results back yet or biopsy to see what they are treating and she said that would probably be done on a follow up appointment .I explained to her that the doctor told me it was for a biopsy because she had found something she was worried about and the lady said it was just to talk to the doctor. I then rang my doctor who called me back and explained what i had been told she  said it was a consultation but also they was going to have a look at the growth to see what it is, i also asked about my swab results that the doctor did wednesday and she said she had them back but would ring me later because she hadn't had chance to look at them yet, I feel like i am being kept in the dark and still don't know what it is, like i say i had adnormal cells when i was 22 and had treatment and i have no children because i have never been able to get pregnant i haven't been on any form of contreception for years. I did go to the doctors about this a while ago which was then a different doctor and he just gave me advice on what to do to help and to keep trying. My partner got tested and he was fine so i said it must be me,  i have suffered a long time with really bad periods, feeling tired, some times bleeding after sexual intercourse, leg ach and back but i put that down to a car accident i had quite a few years ago which was pretty bad and was in hospital and off work for 8 weeks so i have always put my back pain down to that. Now i am just waiting for the doctor to call me back which could be anytime and not sure what information she will give me over the phone about my results.I need to inform work monday about my appointment but not sure if i will need the whole day off (i work 2-10 at night, my appointment it 2.15pm) not sure if it will be just a look and chat with the doctor or if they will do more tests also depending on what they say and find  if i will feel like going back to work that day.The thing that worries me is my doctors face when she seen the growth and she said she wasn't happy and quite worried about it thats why she got me an urgent referal. I had asked her what she thought it might be she said something about tissue coming through the cervix wall which i didn't really understand or she said it could be what i had before when i was 22.


Hi Mariah

Well maybe it will put your mind at rest when I was told the same thing about a consultation! I got my letter, went to docs to get a referral and then she sent it off to the private hospital near where I live (I have insurance through work so felt I may as well use it) I rang up the hospital the next day and asked them when my appoint was coming through and it was originally a consultation for 11th Sept (3 weeks away at that time, it probably would have come through quicker on the NHS!), I rang back and practically begged the receptionist to get me a cancellation....she did manage to get me one for last week but was quite rude and said that that it may only be a consultation and not a procedure as the consultant may not feel its necessary.....i broke down on the phone and told her my actual letter from the lab told me I needed the colposcopy....but she still maintained it could be consultation...but then after hearing me get upset assured me that she would book the treatment room anyway just in case. I think its standard for them to consult first (esp if you havent had the actual smear proving the presence of cell changes). Anyway, she did carry out the treatment and perhaps if they said they would have a look then hopefully they will take a biopsy there and then so that you don't have to make another appointment and prolong your waiting.

I have to admit I didnt have any symptoms before I had my smear and coil fitted (I do feel cramps now but they could be in my head or a result of my biopsies), but I don't think thats an indicator of anything as everyone on here seems to have so very different experiences...I know its horrible waiting and not knowing but it almost certainly will be something treatable and unrelated to cancer....easy said though I know......keep your chin up and remember there is nothing you can do at the moment to change the outcome so not worth worrying yourself sick over until you have had it properly seen. (says me the natural born worrier who alays jumps to worst case scenario!)

I have everything crossed for you that they are able to diagnose and treat your issues and hopefully get rid of the symptoms you have had once and for all

big hugs xx

By the way good luck for your appointment and did you get the results of your swabs back? Let me know how you get on and if you need a chat then feel free to message me :-)

Hi Jac, 

Thank you again for you replies and support,  i have my hospital appointment tomorrow so getting a bit worked up now : (  can't help but worry. I recieved my letter from the hospital lastweek just to confirm the time and where i need to go and that i need to take a urine sample with me. It did confirm that they are going to have a look and do a biopsy, i am really not looking forward to it which i'm sure no one does. I eventually got my swab results, i rang my doctor on the Friday which was a couple of days after they was done and the receptionist told me they was back and would get the doctor to ring me.She rang that day and said she hadn't had chance to look at them yet which i understand and said she would ring back later. Well i waited all day and gave it till 6.00pm and decided to ring back , the receptionist said the doctor had rang me already in the morning and i explained yes but she hadn't had chance to look at results and was going to ring me back and thought i should ring again because it was getting late and not heard anything.She told me she would get the doctor to ring me so i  waited again and it got to 7.00pm i knew she wouldn't ring now and she didn't. I was so upset that the results were sat there and no one was telling me anything, i had to wait till the monday when she finally rang me. She told me the swabs was just to see if i had any infections and wouldn't tell me anything about the growth, the swabs came back with no other infections so that was good but i don't understand why she told me she thought i had an infection because i had a lot of discharge more than normal yet on the phone  she said my swabs came back ok and the disharge must be normal. Anyway just need to get tomorrow out the way now, not sure if they will be able to tell me anything about what it is when i go or how long the results take to come back.

Thank you again and i will keep you informed on how i go on x

Hi Mariah

How did you go on yesterday? Its not that bad a treatment really is it? I didnt even feel the biopsies....just more uncomfortabel than anything else. I hope your feeling a little better about things and that you have had things explained to you better. I got the same thing by the way.....I had additional swabs taken when I had my smear (as I had excessive discharge with the erosion) - but they came back clear (although she said at the time I had bacterial vaginosis!). Anyway - the antibiotics they gave me must have done the trick becuase when I went for my colposcopy she said there was no discharge real....just an erosion that looked infected (round 2 of 2 lots of heavy antibiotics! grrrr).

It really does sound like you have something similar to me, but they have described it differently.....hopefully the consultant will have been able to identify it and hopefully give you some answers (and with any luck a little peace of mind).

I have to go back next week (18th) for results of 1st biopsies and possibily have more....and hopefully to discuss further treatment. Am on pins in case they ring me up sooner having found something....its a horrible thing the waiting. Let me know how you got on, I have my fingers crossed that everything is fine for you and they know exactly how to treat it now.

take care


Hi Jac

     I know what you mean about the waiting, i hope it all goes ok on the 18th when you go back for your biopsy results, let me know how you go on.

I went for my hospital appointment and the gyno isn't sure what it is, she did a smear which the doctor didn't do because she refered me straight to the hospital took some tissue samples and had an internal. She is now sending me for a scan which i am waiting for a letter for my appointment so i don't really know anymore than i did before i went. 

The problem i have now is that when she did the internal it was a little uncomfatable but when she pressed on my left side it was very painful which went when she stopped.Later that night i had pain again on my left in my lower abdomen, back and top of my laft leg which went into my arm. It started to ease after 10 mins so decided to go to bed see to if i felt better in the morning. Anyway the next day pain was still there but more of a dull ache which was constant so i decided to ring the hospital where i had my exam. I explained to them about the pain and i thought maybe a little discomfort was normal after the exam but the nurse said i shouldn't have any pain after it or any discormfort and was adviced to ring my doctor. Well because i had work and didn't want to have any time off because i was off the day before for my hospital appointment i decided to see how i go and went to work but after a few hours with constant aching i went home and got straight in at my doctors.

He had a feel around , it was a different doc to whos been dealing with me , i explained about it had happened since my examination but because i was an emergency appointment he didn't seem to have much time for me . He said he could feel something on my left he mentioned lesion and said i felt swollen then  prescribed me anti inflammatory tablets and sent me on my way. I'm still in discormfort today but hoping the tablets take it off, i'm taking today off work and going to see how i am tomorrow.

I hope you are ok and like i said let me know how you go on, i know waiting for results isn't the nicest thing and hope they come back ok xxx

Hi, Another thing i'm a little confused about is that i haven't had my bloods taken, is this a normal procedure that is normally done?  I mentioned it to my doctor on my first appointment and said she would do it then on my next appointment she examined me and i mentioned having my bloods taken again and i was  told to make another appointment for that and i asked the hospital and they said just go to my doctor, i asked incase they might of been able to do it while i was there, it just seems hard work to get something so simple and that you would think would be procedure done. I also mentioned to my doctor could all the pain be being caused from something like endometriosis which she didn't really comment on just said yes could be and the hospital haven't even mentioned that or looking into that i'm just booked in for a scan which the hospital have rang and i am in for it on monday 16th of this month but i have read that they can't diagnose endometriosis just by a scan. does anyone know or have anymore information on this?

So up to now went doctors with painful periods she made an appointment for an examination and bloods.

went docs for examination she found a growth on my cervix and refered me for an urgent appointment at the hospital, didn't do bloods or smear was told to make another appointment for bloods.

Had my appointment at hospital on the 9th of sep , had examination , internal which was painful on my left side of abdomen  , she asked if doc had done a smear i told her no because she sent me straight to hospital because of growth found on cervix.She did smear , gyno not sure what growth  is but mentioned scarring from treatment i had for pre cancerous cells 18 year ago when i was 22 but not sure. I told her about  my painfull periods - back ache, legs , abdomine,sharp pains felling dizzy and sick with them because of the pain,  feeling tired, not be able to get pregnant i was with my first partner 10 years and with my current partner the past 9 years and not using contraception. Told me to go for scan when i get my appointment and made me a follow up appointment with her for november which i thought was a long time when they don't know whats wrong yet.

After my hospital appointment went home a few hours later had a lot of pain on left side of abdomen which went into the top of my leg and down my left arm, after 10 mins it started to ease so went to bed to see how i felt the next day.The pain was still there but more a dull ache but constant so rang hospital where i had examination .Spoke to a nurse told her about the pain and i thought might be normal because of internal which hurt a bit on left, she told me no i shouldn't get any pain and told me to go docs. Because the pain wasn't as bad as the night before and i had work thought i would see how i go and went to work, A few hours later had to go home because pain got worse again so got in at docs that evening. He examined my abdomen and said i felt swollen and thought he could feel what he called a lesion on my left , prescribed me anti-inflammatory tablets , asked when my scan was i told him i should get an appointment any day now he said good and that was that.

Got appointment for scan today for the 16th sep .

So i'm very confused no bloods done yet, got to wait for smear results, doctor found growth hospital say it could be scarring. doctor said he thought he could feel a lesion on my left and scan on monday which i'm not sure what sort of scan it is yet or what will show.

Sorry this is quite long and if i am rambling on 

Mariah x


Hi Mariah,

It could be that they’re sending you for an ultrasound scan. I had a vaginal ultrasound - where they use a probe type thing inside you to get a good look at your ovaries etc. I did have to consent to this and could have just had an external ultrasound if I didn’t want it.

If you do get offered an internal it’s totally fine, over in a few mins and more comfortable than a smear.

Best of luck with it all xx

Hi Mariah

apologies for not replying sooner, I have been away this weekend. Oh cherub I really feel for you it must be ever so frightening having all this people poke about and not have a clue whats wrong.....I know this probably sounds stupid but maybe this means it really is something entirely seperate from CC - especially as you have had fertilty problems and acarring??. Obviously we could sit here speculating all day but only the experts can really find out whats going on. With any luck its something they can fix....I hope so......there is still time for you to become a mum, I am 40 and only just a first time mum, my friend is 42 and expecting her first (after years and years of trying).

So how did you get on yesterday at your scan? I am really hoping you finally got some answers and hopefully some treatment planned. I hope your pains have subsided now? Nothing worse than feeling pain and not being able to associate anything to it.

I have my appointment tomorrow......I am on pins too. Hoping I have some results as she didnt seem too sure she had got enough tissue samples last time (due to erosion)....praying its gone down and that she can see more clearly and that she got enough to give me some results and hopefully get some treatment booked in. Am bricking it mum is coming with me, feel like a little girl again needing my mum!

Let us know how you are and how things went yesterday, bug hugs xx