Growth found during Smear

Hi there

I am hoping someone might be able to help me as I'm feeling extremely anxious.


I had CIN2 in 2007 ad had Laser treatment to remove then. I went back for all of my normal checks which were fine. I then had a smear last Monday which led to the doctor coming in to also examine me and she said she could see a growth and I would be referred to hospital for a colposcopy.


I am going into hospital on Monday for this - I am also having lots of intermittent bleeding, so clearly my mind is running away with me. I also didn't like the look on their faces - it just made me feel as though something was wrong!


I obviously haven't yet had the results of the smear as the colposcopy will override that - but has anyone else had a growth in Cervix? If so what was the outcome?


Many thanks in advance


Caroline x

Hi Caroline, 

is the growth on your cervix or in your vagina? My nurse found a small lump in my vagina during a smear test in Dec 2011(had one done 3 months earlier which came came inadequate and nurse who did that test didn't say anything about a lump) After having it seen by the GP she referred me to have a colposcopy. They did a biopsy and the results came back very quickly which confirmed it was vaginal cancer which is quite rare - about 350 women in the UK diagnosed a year. I had no symptoms, and my actual smear test came back clear as my cervix was fine so if the 2nd nurse hadn't seen, or if the first test wasn't inadequate, it I would never have known until it was more advanced (stage 2 at the time of diagnosis). I had an internal examination just over a year ago, and started 7 weeks of daily radiotherapy with some chemo thrown in for good measure on 30th Jan 2012. The treatment was rough, I was very ill and sore in the most terrible of places, but I came through it and am now in what they call radiological remission. Had a check-up last week, still no signs although my bowels have been affected by the treatment. Just been prescribed HRT and trying to get back to normal. I hope your tests show nothing, but I wish you all the best, and want to wish all those vigilant nurses out there a BIG thank you for spotting these abnormalities. I've been told by lots of people that I must have a guardian angel, and I hope you have one too! 

Jane (aged 45)

Hi Jane

Thank you soo much for your response!

The growth is in my cervix not vagina...thankfully I dont have long to wait to find out what is going just anxious and with having this bleeding it is a worry!

I will let you know how things go and thank you for bring a guardian angel!


Caroline x

Hi Caroline, 

I just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow, I will be thinking of you.

Jane x



That’s soo kind, thank you very much! I will let you know afterwards xx

Hi Caroline,


wanted to widh you lots of luck today and hope its no more than a polyp...let us know how you get on as we are here whatever the outcome.  Andrea xx

fingers crossed for you it is nothing sinister


Hi there

Many thanks for your support. They have taken a biopsy of the growth but initial thoughts are it’s damage from previous laser treatment.

Now itsthe waiting game for both smear and biopsy results but fingers crossed all will come back clear!

A little tender now so a relaxing afternoon ahead.

Much love x

got my fingers firmly crossed for you! look after yourself and take it easy 

Thanks soo much! Hope allis going ok with you too! This site is such a huge support to everyone, truly lovely! Xx

Hi there, apologies for looking like I have done a runner with no follow up. Sadly my 13 month old daughter has just been diagnosed with a serious heart defect and is awaiting open heart surgery in the coming weeks. So life has been somewhat tied up but I wanted to let you know that my biopsy results came back clear which is a huge relief…and frankly needed at the moment. Many thanks to everyone for their support xx

Oh Caroline!  Don't apologise for anything.  Am so glad the biopsy brought good news but so sad to hear about your little baby girl.  Sending lots of positive thoughts to you and your little one...keep have already proved that you have the strength to come through difficult times.


Thinking of you xx

Thank you very much indeed xxx