Growing concerns about symptoms


I am new to this but just needed to vent a little so I do apologise. 

I have not been diagnosed with anything yet but I have growing concerns. 

I am 34 this week and have suffered for quite a few years with different genealogical problems. 

My first was abnormal cells which I had laser treatment for, I then had lots of polyps which were removed and also cervical erosion which had silver nitrate treatment. 

My concerns at the moment are I have been bleeding (which has been bright red)for 5 weeks now but not enough for a pad to be worn, I have also had bad lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, dull ache in the top of my legs and a little constipation. 

My tiredness is unreal and the pain is constant. 

I saw my doctor who has referred me to a private gynaecologist and I have had an appointment within 2 weeks. 

Could anyone please advise if this is all something to be worried about? I feel like I can't talk to anyone as my dad only passed away 4 months ago from liver cancer.

Any words of advise would be gratefully received. 

How long ago were your treatments? I would check with the doctors to see what they say and what can be done, but did these symptoms come after the procedures you've had? I have heard other women report these kind of side effects being caused by the procedures. If you think that might be the case then I have a group called 'Healing from lletz' on facebook, and there may be some women there who have gone through something similiar. 




Thank you for your reply. 

My last treatment was over 2 years ago so I'm not sure if it could be related.

I only have a few days left until I see the gynaecologist and am probably worrying too much after looking up the symptoms.