groin pain

Hi Everyone


Finished my treatment last september my scans are all fine thank god so now have been moved to a scan every six months last week or so im getting a pain in my left groin area really in my private area around there it comes and goes its in a particular area it doesnt move and is quite painful..has anyone else experienced this pain I did have it for a short time when i was undergoing treatment, im scared something maybe wrong .... I have been doing some heavy lifting lately and work in the garden so im not sure if that may have something to do with it... think i will take it easy over the weekend and see if not gone ill have to go to the doctor with it thanks for reading.


i would take it easy for a few days and do some mild stretches to make sure you keep your muscles and tendants limble. If any symptom is present for more then 2 weeks then I would inquire about it. Some symptoms will be easy to put off until next appointment but better to call and ask just to make sure. 

Glad to hear you are doing somewhat ok other then a few little niggles.