Grey tissue in blood after biopsy??

Hey all to this but hoping for some info please . Apologies in advance for the yukky talk lol 

Had 2 pinch biopsies taken yesterday the discharge after I wasn't worried as I was told it's normal but today I started bleeding (possibly period) and when I wiped there was small piece grey tissue like stuff in with the blood ..

Is this normal ? 


12th August -regular smear

7th sep- smear results abnormal cells 

26th sep -colposcopy, biopsies taken, Cin 2-3

Awaiting results 


Yes this is quite normal, they often use silver nitrate to stop the bleeding after and this is grey. Sometimes if they’ve cauterised an area you can get black bits too. Just delightful :)

As long as there is no offensive smell and you are well it shouldn’t be anything to worry about 


Ok great thanks 

Yeh had some nice black bits too lol 

I'm ok apart from the pain but think it's the aches from biopsy and period all at once . 


I had a lot of grey/black discharge following my 2nd lletz.  I got such a fright when I seen it as I didn’t have it the first time.  Got told by consultant that it was fine, only thing they worry about is heavy fresh bleeding (soaking a pad in an hour) so believe it’s normal.  

Hope this helps x

Yeh it's not nice stuff lol I just got bit worried when they grey lump of paperish stuff came out yell 

Woke up to an explosion of clots but pain has eased off now again sorry for yukky talk but this is like the only place I can talk about this stuff .

Don't think my partner wants to hear about all the lil details lol .and don't really have family or friends I can talk too .

So thanks for replies it's v much appreciated xx

I had those little silver bits too, so like everyone said, totally normal xx