Grey ish clumps in blood after punch biopsy??

Hi guys

I had a punch biopsy with colposcopy on wednesday. Since then i have had bleeding every day. I woke up this morning with brown discharge and grey clumps after wiping (sorry tmi!) This happened twice and for wany of a better description it looked like grey spinach.

Since then i have fresh bright red bleeding but not too heavy. Is this normal and should i be worried?


Sarah x


They probably used silver nitrate to stop the bleeding after the biopsy. When this eventually comes out it is usually a black or grey blob or sometimes as black specs in the discharge. I personally have experienced both. 

With biopsies I only every experienced a bit of spotting on the day but I know many other women on this forum who have bled more after biopsies than that. I think as long as the bleeding is not too heavy you will be fine, it's just your body trying to heal. 

If you are still bleeding after 2 weeks, or if there is a foul odour, I would see a GP just in case there could be an infection or something. Better safe then sorry but no need to worry just yet I would say. 


Thanks for replying lianne, that makes sense..i freaked out a bit when i saw it all yesterday! Im still bleeding and its getting heavier but i think it may be a period (the pill im on makes my periods random). I'll give it a week or so and if its still bleeding I'll give them a ring. 

No foul odours or anything so im not too worried. Even though i know CIN is common, its just hard not to worry and overthink things!


Will try and put it out of my mind until i get the results back anyway. I see you have had the lletz procedure, how did you find it compared with the biopsy? 




Random periods must be quite annoying but that would also make sense with your heavier bleeding I guess. 

The LLETZ was extremely similar to a normal colposcopy/biopsy, the main difference was they had to use local anaesthetic, so it was actually less painful than the biopsy, and the injection into the cervix is actually the most uncomfortable part. The machine they use to remove the cells is also quite loud and they have to stick a pad on your leg to ground the electric. 

Also, because they remove more cells the recovery time is longer, you are more likely to bleed more, and there's a higher risk of infection. The worst bit is waiting for the results. 

I've actually just posted a detailed description of my recovery if you wanted to know more about that. 

Sorry i just wanted to follow this up with questions hoping someone can shed some light as i think i might have an infection.

The pill im on is for heavy periods, so as a result i hardly get peeiods and when i do they are very light and short. Since the biopsy ladt wednesday ive had moderately heavy period bleeding and severe cramps like i used to get before starting the pill. The bleeding and pains have died down the last couple of days and am now just spotting with only minimal back pain. 

However, tonight ive gone from feeling normal in myself to feeling very hot and flushed as if i have a fever (dont own a thermometer). Wondering if this is linked as i all of a sudden feel really unwell? Does this sound like infection? 

Please someone help as im feeling quite worried with how unwell i feel! Thanks x

Just wondering how they would know if the fever is linked to an infection down there or if i just have the flu or something? Dont want to take antibiotics unnecessarily!


Ive had no discharge or odd smells either