Great Welsh Walkathon

Hi Ladies,

I’m taking part in the Great Welsh Walkathon in Carmarthanshire on Sunday 9th October in aid of Jo’s Trust.

I’m wondering if anyone else from the Cheshire area might be going - if you are, I have plenty of space in my car to share the journey (it’s about 5 hours I think). Seems daft to have too many cars making that length of journey!

Please let me know if you are going from Cheshire and we can make arrangements.

Also, if anyone would like to sponsor me, my page is

Thanks for reading.


Is there a Cardiff group out there? I’m happy to talk about setting one up if not but I’d love to join in if there is.

Hi Sarah
We’d love to set up a group in Cardiff and are looking for volunteers, I will PM you with all the details of how to get involved.
Thanks for your query!
Best wishes