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Morning everybody,

Just got the call about my 12 week post treatment PET scan that I had done yesterday… I had a PET done six weeks ago which looked very encouraging and my consultant said to me that the scan yesterday looked very good and showed even less activity in the pelvis. There was a concern about my lung as it had showed up two tiny spots on the scan too small to biopsy so there was a worry it may have been cancer he has advised me that there has been no change in these so he doesnt think they are related to the cancer and are probably just nodules…what a relief I could have cried hearing this news it was my big fear he is going to do a ct on my chest area for the lungs in three months time to check they are still the same size etc…not due to see him now until next Feb or March maybe I am being silly but does that mean the cancer is now gone from my body I was nervous on the phone and really didnt say anything only Thank you!!! I was just so relieved to hear about my lungs that I didnt like to ask if my cervical cancer is now gone if anyone can give me their opinion that would be great…I am taking it that it is gone as I dont need further treatment and the next scan is just for the chest area any opinions welcomed girls on this …thank you

Congratulations Siom!!! :) I'm not really in a postion to comment on what you've been told as I am not due for my scan for another 6 weeks so can't compare. One thing I did get told when my treatment finished was that the 12 week scan isn't always clear because of scar tissue. A lot of people have to wait a further 12 weeks to be told they've got the all clear and be classed as 'in remission'. That's what my consultant told me anyway!  If I were you I would just ring them back and get them to clarify whether or the cancer has completely gone and if not, what the next step is. It's so annoying when you forget to ask everything but I wouldn't sit there worrying about it just get on the phone to them. It all sounds really positive though thanks for posting!! It's posts like this that really help me cope with the waiting xxxxx

Hi there siom

this is wonderful news! Congratulations and just try to enjoy the Christmas season with no thought of stupid cancer!!!


I think you can take this as good news, so start celebrating. If it were bad news you would certainly have been left in no doubt :-)

Have fun! :-)

Lovely news x 

Thanks everyone!

Great news 

Hi Siom Wonderful news. Because we are all under the microscope they find tiny little inconsequential things that serve to makes us worry. I think You're good to go. Enjoy Jayne