Great news

Fantastic news xxx

That's great news lolli! I actually logged in just to check if you had an update! I'm so happy for you :) Hugs from the US!

Hi nm

how have you been??? I'm always looking for you as well...,


This is amazing news!! So happy for you :-)

As other ladies have already mentioned you've been such a help to so many women on here, including me.

Have an amazing celebration and holiday. I was in Croatia a few years ago it is beautiful - enjoy!



Fantastic news Lolli, massive, massive congratulations. 

Your post has also made me feel so much more positive - I actually logged on here from the hospital as I've been kept in after my lletz today and given the news that it is cc rather then cin 3 seen in by punch biopsy and this was the first post I saw. It actually sounds like I'm following in your footsteps, they haven't said a stage but told me where it is/isn't so probably at about the same stage so thank you so much for posting your news

By the way I've just come back from Croatia, our second time because we're game of throne geeks so go looking for locations, we absolutely love it there and made some lovely Canadian friends while there this time xxxxx

Fantastic news xx

Great news x

Great news!! X

So very pleased for you Lolli, It's a great feeling isn't it! :-)

Congrats, Lolli x

Hello Lolli, very glad to hear the good news. Hope all coming years stays same and pray for you.  I was diagnosed stage 2b with no lymph node involvement on april 2017 and finshed my treatment on 7/5/2017. Feeling better but few here and there side effects. Waiting to have PET scan in a month.......

Hoping good results and praying for all and hugs..........