Granulation & Silver Nitrate Treatment

Hi Ladies

I went for my 3 month post op (radical abdominal hystercetomy) check up this morning.  The consultant said I had some granulation and then treated it with silver nitrate.

He said it forms on the scar tissue and the silver nitrate takes it away so new skin can form.  It didn't hurt at the time though I was a bit sore afterwards for a while.  He said I would probably have some discharge although I haven't as yet.  My next appointment is on 4th April when I will have a smear.

The problem is I've been looking up granulation and silver nitrate treatment on this and Hyster Sisters sites and some ladies have had it done a few times and in some cases eventually had to have it removed under general anaesthetic.

This has got me a bit screwed up now and I was just wondering what others have experienced.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!



i hope it will work for you xxxx I am still waiting for my scan results and feel very anxious as always... Lots of hugs xxxx

Hi Jelena

Thank you so much for replying.  I have had some grey discharge now and quite a 'lump' of it came out this morning.  The consultant said it would be grey/brown and I read it is the remains of the silver nitrate.

Heard that others have got granulation but haven't been treated so it's strange that some are and some aren't.

Really feel for you with the anxious wait for the scan results, let me know when you hear. 

Thinking of you lots.

Hugs, Cheryl,x

Hi Cheryl,

this is sounds very logical to me, so hopefully it will be sorted for you xxxx I also find it difficult to understand why there is such a difference in treatment approach depending on hospital and even individual consultant.... You would expect to have some sort of "common best" approach:) maybe I am dreaming here. i guess we have to believe in system and trust our doctors. I find it difficult at times however and only do hope that whoever treats us was taking education and all the research seriously ....;) it's one profession where human errors should be minimised...take good care of yourself!xxxxx 

Hi Cheryl,

just wanted to update you on my news. I managed to call my CNS and it wasn't her calling me on Friday... They received my report, however the doctor still needs to have a look at it. The conclusion though was shown as no evidence of the recurrent disease!:) felt so much better when she told me that after all worrying... Almost to the point when start to feel scared about being happy ... It's a tough fight isn't it... Hope you are feeling better after treatment xxxxx lots of hugs xxxx

Hi Jelena

That's brilliant news, I am so, so pleased for you!  Really glad you have posted tonight, I was wondering how you had got on today.  What a relief!

It is a tough fight and I can really empathise with that feeling of being almost scared to be happy.  Hopefully that will improve with the more positive news that we get.

No after effects of my treatment now thank goodness. Just have pain in my coccyx sitting on my chair at work (although it is supposed to be a special back one) and pain in my pubic area which the consultant said was due to the tissues regenerating and knitting together as that was where the infection was.

Still, that should clear in a few months and thankfully there is no spread so hopefully we can both start looking forward.

Keep me posted with how you get on.


Hi Cheryl,

I just wanted to try and reassure you about the silver nitrate/granulation... I had the same op as you 13 months ago and also had quite a bit of granulation tissue.  After a couple of silver nitrate sessions it was all gone and has never caused me any trouble since.  I too had the silver/grey sludgey type discharge after the silver nitrate was applied!  it's compeltely normal.  I wwas pretty nuch all healed up within 4-5 months.  good luck! x


Thank you so much for posting, that has put my mind at rest a bit.  I don't mind if it has to be done again, just don't like the idea of it being removed under general anaesthetic - after 2 ops I've had enough of that stuff to last an awful long time!!!



I had granulation but no further treatment.  Wonder why not? He was running behind and I was rushed through at appointment so makes me think... 

Hope ur doing ok at work xxx

Thank you, Cheryl! Xxxx I am very glad you are feeling ok :) xx please keep me updated as well! Xxx


just read this... should read through all the notes anyway i am being treated for this in two weeks, was found today...

Hi Pat

Just read your post.  Hope your treatment sorts it out.  I didn't have to have the stirrups - just legs spread and knees bent!