granulated tissue 6 months after lletz

Hi I had LLETZ  6 months ago, went to the drs today as i had been experiencing abnormal bleeding (brownish blood that came and went throughout the month) I had just believed this was down to the fact i had come off the depo injection in June. However the dr looked a little concered when looking at my notes and said you are due a smear and insisted i did it there and then. Once she had a look she did the smear and asked me to have a seat and said she could see some granulated tissue on my cervix and it bled while she was doing the smear. She said it ccould be just that it hadnt healed properly or possibly something more sinister but refused to say anything else, she has sent a letter asking for a urgent referral back to Coloscopy and said i should be seen in the next 2 weeks!

Obviously now I am petrified the letter i recieved from the consultant said there was definately no cancer detected how could this have changed in 6 months? Please if anyone has had any experience with this could you get in touch! Is it normal for such a quick referral?

Thank you x

Hi Kitty Kat,

This hasn't happened to me, but I was seen after my high grade smear within two weeks.  I think anything that has any possible connection to cancer is always fast tracked and the NHS target is 2 weeks.  However, this doesn't mean you have cancer!  I've been referred on the "cancer pathway" for something else and, although it was very scary, it was actually completely fine.  I think its almost an automatic process that isn't necessarily based on your individual case, it's just a target that doctors have to try and meet.

It sounds like your thing could be to do with healing.  I think cancer is probably unlikely after such a recent LLETZ.  I know you won't be able to stop worrying, but I hope you feel reassured that it will be seen soon and I wish you all the best. x

Thank you Libby1983,

I keep telling myself its got to have not healed properly etc I think the Dr scared me more than anything by saying 'Oh no its bleeding now' and 'it doesnt look normal', but as you say im sure she was just doing her job by fast tracking me. The coloscopy department rung today and im being seen a week on monday so fingers crossed! I worked myself up so much last time prior to the coloscopy. Glad everything has come back as it should for you and thank you for putting my mind at rest :) x

Just a follow up on anyone reading this with the same problems/worry!

I went for the colposcopy on monday and before the dr even examined me he said he pretty much knew what it was and that my dr had most probably over reacted. So after having a look the dr said it was just cervical erosion and it wasnt causing the bleeding that was due to having come off the depo and it was fine he did use the vinger etc but said there were definately no signs of any abnormailty and my dr needed to read more books as in his words 'all cervix's are different!!!' 3 days after the colposcopy i recieved my smear results (the one my dr had done) and I got a normal result and no sign of HPV - PHEW!!! x