Grading and Lletz

I’m so confused reading that so many people know what grade changes they have prior to treatment. Or get told during appointments

I have biopsies and Lletz 4 weeks ago and still know no more than what I was told in my letter from my cervical screening

Can you contact someone where your biopsies were taken to ask? I had the phone number for the sister in charge for mine, & she was much more helpful than the Dr, & talked things through with me really patently

Hello. If they did biopsies and treatment at the same time that might explain it. Some people have biopsies, get those results and based on those get treatment afterwards.
I had treatment without any biopsies before, as my smear came back high grade changes, and as I couldn’t have the colposcopy awake they decided to do lletz not just biopsies when I was under GA.