Grade 6 glandular neoplastic

The Doctor has just told me I have Grade 6 Gandular neoplasia of endocervical type of cervix. I have searched the internet about this and cant find anything about grade 6 and even GP said she has never heard of it. Has anyone else had any experience. I realise grade 6 is pretty bad as can only find information on upto grade 4 and the stats for that are terrible. Please help, I am terrified xx

I'm sorry I can't help you as I've never heard of grade six either. I hope one of the lovely ladies at Jos trust is able to help you xx

I think you are confusing grade with stage. Stages go up only to four, and those are to do with the size and spread of your cancer. I do not know to what number grades go but they are to do with your type of cancer not its size. Try not to worry yourself silly and do please ask your doctor to explain things to you in person-to-person terms and not doctor-to-doctor medical terms. It's possible that he is not capable of doing that but hopefully he has a colleague who can.

And please don't read the stats. It's a bit like reading a history book and treating it as a fortune teller.

Be lucky :-)

Hi I was diagnosed with advanced cancer, I don't know what grade as I've never asked. The next stage after this is terminal but if this was the case for you then you would of been told this.

i would speak to your hospital doctor your cancer doctor I mean and ask them to explain, in the mean time speak to McMillan they will be able shed some more light xx