grade 3 stage 2b

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed as a grade 3 stage 2b cc on 13th march, I am due to start my treatment on 22nd may.  I am having chemorad for 5 weeks, they are radiating the para aortic nodes to, then internal rad. 


I had originally gone to my GP end of jan 17. I am a nurse and knew it was cancer, my cervix was large and bulky, I was bleeding heavily when I went to the tiolet and had a continous discharge.  Gp did not fast tract my appiontment due to my being on HRT. I told her my concerns and about my cervix issues. She did a referral to the priory hosp as this was the earliest appt.  The priory contacted me before my appiontment to say they would not aceept the referral as I suffered from depression.  I made contact with my GP again and once again she did not fast track my apppiontment I was not seen till 13th march.


When I was examine by the DR at first appiontment she told me it was suspected cc as my cervix was very abnormal.  Following all the test I was told my tumour is 7 cm big.  How did my GP miss this.  It has been 4 months since gp to starting treatment.  Has my cancer is grade 3 it is aggressive and has visiabally grown,  I am worried the delay in treatment may effect my treatment outcome.


My husband left me late last year for his work collegue who is 23 years younger than him, She has known me for 3 yrs and came to our wedding, we had been together 14 yrs. I also had to give up my nursing career. So am in a bad place emotionally. My husband still llives with me in our home but stays at her flat alot. This causes me alot of stress. I am worried my current emotional state will impact on my treatment success.


Sorry for the long post 


Suzy xx








Hi Suzy 

im terribly sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  Rest assured you will pull through this!!!

so, firstly.... your grade 3 tumour should not effect your prognosis. It is still very debatable if grading of cervical cancer makes a difference in outcome. Some studies have indicated-yes, and some studies have indicated No. Either way the jury it still out on that so you are safe to take that out of your list of worries. 

Secondly, the treatment you are having is the exact same as someone with a higher stage so....... even if your dr noticed sooner it really would have not changed too many things in regards to having chemorad. 

Third, as you are a nurse I'm sure you know that Google has a lot of false or old info so...... stay off of goggle!!!!

fourth, your husband or x, sounds like a douche bag and you really should kick his ass out of the house or move if you can cause that would eliminate a huge amount of stress. Stress, as you are aware can really harm the body in so many ways. So, if you can fix that asap!!! You cannot control the fact of your cancer but can (hopefully) control that situation. 

Lastly, and maybe the most important thing is this....cancer is very tough to deal with mentally and it is sooooo important to make sure you are staying healthy mentally. If you have already had some depression then you must be very careful not to allow yourself to fall again into it. Get yourself a councillor now if you don't already have one and start the road to recovery and pave the road for dealing with the mental issues that are around the corner. 

Since my treatment my thoughts on life have changed so much and I am so much stronger and happier then ever before. I used my cancer to make me better and hope you can find the strength that you need. Sending the biggest of hugs your way.