Grade 1a1 CC Diagnosis - Hopefully removed


see, things go on behind the scenes to get the best treatment u can. So tomorrow u can ask all your questions- write them down so you can make sure u don't forget any (I did this when saw my consultant, I didn't forget anything but was good to have written down just in case).

so, good luck!!!!!!!!!!

fingers crossed x

Wishing you all the best for today!!!! Let us know how you get on! I've got your old date for my surgery 27th November!! Take care xxx

Hi ladies

A few days post treatment and I am still a little tender. Have a lot of bleeding this time. After the last LLETZ I didn't bleed until a week after but this time it's been straight away. Back at work today feeling a little spaced out....prob the anaesthetic.

Also had a flouroscopy and hysteroscopy and further biopsies from my womb and cervix. I should get the results in 3 weeks and will go to clinic to dicsuss them.

Re the pains in my pelvis/ovary region - again no one seemed concerned when I was at hospital last week. So I have made a doctors appointment for Friday so I want to get the ball rolling with that, especially as I go away in 5 weeks. I am astounded that it isn't been looked into as part of the diagnosis - maybe I am missing something!!? I'm sure they think I am making it up!!


Hi Natalie,

I keep popping on to see how you are doing. I hope you start to feel better soon. It took me well over a week to feel right again after having a GA.

I wish you all the best with your recovery and I hope you get some positive news soon.

Anita x

Blees u, glad ur doing ok xxx

fingers crossed for the results. Keep busy and try not to worry! Get Christmas shopping/planning- not long now.... Where has the year gone?? We shall all be glad to say goodbye to 2013




Can I join the party??  :-) Thank you for sharing your experiences ladies. Im a step or two behind some of you. I was diagnosed Tuesday with MRI next Monday.


Natalie I would love to hear how you got on. I too have tenderness in my left ovary but nothing has been done. I did ring MRI desk and they said it would be looked at Monday in the MRI. 


I would love an update on how everyone is doing. It would help me to know what I may be facing. My consultant said he will be sending me to Hammersmith for treatment. 


Thank you x