GPs should offer on the spot Smear Tests

I was listening to the news today and heard something very interesting, it was about women being offered on the spot Smear Tests. Now this is an issue quite close to my heart. I went for a Smear test last year in October. Everything was fine. By Jan this year I had a few problems with irregular periods so my doctor sent me for a ultra sound to ensure everything was ok. I wanted another smear test for my own peice of mind, so I went to see my doctor about having another smear test, I explained my concerns which were vaild reasons but I was sent away and told that I wasnt due a test till 2015. I left the doctor surgery feeling frustrated with no where to turn.  So I searched online for a walk in clinic where I could have a Smear test done, I was also advised to have the HPV test too. I nearly didnt go for these tests even though I had payed for them. My bestfriend however said that if she was in my shoes she would want to know and for her own peace of mine so I went.

One week later I received a phone all from the Dr at the clinic, guess what? I was diagnosed with HPV type 18 and low grade dysplasia!!! I felt like the sky was falling in on me, why me!!?? I felt like my life was over, how do I tell my family, my new boyfriend!! It was so hard to deal with and still is. There were so many unanswered questions that kept running through my mind. Did my doctor miss something? What if I didnt go? Am I going to die?

I have my first Smear test in two weeks since being diagnosed. It made me realise how short life actually is, it made me want to live my life rather then sit at home thinking about the what ifs, I appreciate eveything and everyone around me more then ever.

I am all for women being offered on the spot Smear Tests, I think women need to be offered this alot more.




Hi Lilly123, I also agree this should be offered to women with problems. I had my abnormal bleeding last summer which they put down to PCOS (I believe this was correct) but this month after a routine screening I have been told I have high grade dyskaryosis and have my colposcopy today - part of me thinks they could have seen something last summer if they had done a smear then before it had chance to get to high grade but will see what the colposcopy has to say!


Hi Miss Sarah, 

This is what I dont understand, I have been told that it was is a very slow process for the cells to change which is why we can wait up to 6 months to have a follow up smear test. It can go away or it can get worse. I would be so frustrated if in your situation, have you found out if it is high grade for certain yet??? How are you  feelin? Im really sorry to hear that you are in this situation with the rest of us. Please keep me  posted. I had my first smear after being  diagnosed and its still there, no changes CIN 1 .