GP seen a "Patch on Cervix" plus a Polyp.


I’m new to this forum. I also, have no diagnosis or any real understanding of what’s going on :slight_smile:

I went to the doctors this week as I’ve been having irregular spotting and my periods were getting closer together. Plus I am having spotting after sex. These symptoms had started around the same time since around June this year I’d say. I’ve been having cramping too. I also had a clear smear last July.

She examined me and said she could see a ‘patch’ (no idea what that means) and a polyp on my cervix. She’s referred me to the local Gynae Clinic and I have received an appointment from them for next week. So I’m being seen within one week - very efficient!

I am just really confused as to what this all means, I believe at my appointment I’m having a colcoscopy. I have read on the website/forum about CIN1 CIN2 CIN3 - could this be the issue?? Or would my GP have said this? Should I be concerned it’s cancer?

My polyp bled as soon as the GP touched it with her device(? don’t know technical term). Could the irregular bleeding be caused by this?

Has anyone else been in a similar situation with a polyp and patch and what can I expect? I am really somone who’d rather I was just told straight! Any help/advice/experience would be appreciated.

All the best