GP refered me for Fast track Colposcopy today

Hi guys

New here and don’t really have many people I can talk to about this

I’ve been having some pain and bleeding after sex for the last month and then lower back pain. I went to my GP today and he examined me and took some swabs. I have an abnormal growth on my cervix which could be a number of things but he fast tracked me for a colposcopy appointment.

I had a clear smear 2/3 years ago, one sexual partner.

I have tried not to think its the C word but its hard not to in these situations

I have held up all day but as I was putting my 4 year old to bed I burst into tears thinking about what the worst possible outcome would be like for her

Any tips to keep your mind off it? Scientific facts that will make me think its such a silm chance I don’t need to let it cross my mind? Or just anything helpful in how you prepared yourself an your family before the tests and results came back?

Thank you for reading


Hi kelly sorry to hear about your situation you did the right thing by going to your GP. It sounds like your GP is on the ball and as they said it can be a number of reasons for your symptoms. It is a really worrying time waiting to have tests then results I hope you get your appointment soon so you dont torture yourself. Kelly I hope you get good news I will be thinking about you sending  you love xxxxx

Hi Kellybeeb

Didnt want to read and run

Sounds like you are going through a similar situation to me... i was referred for urgent colposcopy as have a lump on my cervix... i went on thurs just gone and had biopsy taken and have now been refered for ultrasound... awaiting the results.. colposcopy dr didnt give me any idea of what the lump is.  

So sorry that i havent got any tips on how to get through the waiting time....however whatever you do just stick to trusted websites 

The colposcopy is really quick and painless... almost like an extended smear test.... if they do biopsy that doesnt hurt either... just a teeny bit of bleeding after.

Please keep us posted on how you get on 


Thank you Sunshinesmile

I hope your results come back clear 

It's so hard not to Google your symptoms or stalk the cancer websites. I always think the worst but I genuinely feel like something isn't right. 

Trying to keep my mind off it and it helps to know I'm not the only one going through it.


Hi Kelly.

This is exactly what happened to me. Unfortunetly it did come back as cancer, but the good news was that although the growth looked big and scary, only a small amount of it was cancer and has been treated and dealt with very quickly. I am now well on the road to recovery and the chances of it returning is very very small. I do hope your results come back clear, but if not remember that there are so many successful stories on here and take comfort in the fact your last smear was clear  xxxxx