Gp Has told me I basically have cervical cancer just off smear results

hi I had a smear 1st of feb on the 10th I had a phone call from hospital asking if I could go in on the 11th for a colposcopy alarm bells started ringing at how quick this was so rang gp and asked what exactly had been found on my smear she told me cancer cells had been detected ive had a loop excision and waiting for the results but I’m finding the waiting very hard I m struggling to even get out of bed I’m so depressed has any body else been told they have cancer before they have even been seen by the hospital? I am literally in peices and not coping very well at all this has all came out of the blue ive had no symptoms of cancer this was just a routine smear

Hi there cancer cells could be pre cancerous? Which develop in stages. I don't think they would be so vague on phone if it was bad news. I really struggled in between tests and results i felt so low so i know that feeling. Keep busy x

Ive really struggled with the whole thing ive been and had the bad cells removed the consultant did say there were no obvious signs of cancer but that it could possibly be cancer and he couldn't tell me anything until biopsy results are back it's the gp that told me cells typical of scaumous cell cervical cancer have been detected on the smear test she is really adamant I'm going to be diognosed 

I didn't think gps could tell this sort of thing from a smear test 

Hiya :-)

Yes, both cancer and pre-cancerous CIN cells can be detected from a smear test. With any luck they will have got all of it during your loop excision and if the margins are clear they may do no more than keep a close eye on you. Trust me, it's hard I know but even if you do get a cancer diagnosis and even if you do have to have treatment for it, it really and truly isn't the end of the world.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you I think your mind just wanders when you don't know things for sure in my head I'm going to be diagnosed with advanced cancer well I have an appointment on the 25th to get my results on biopsy so just another week and il know what's going on it can't come soon enough 

You are not going to be diagnosed with advanced cancer :-) If your cancer were in any way advanced then your consultant would never have said to you there were no obvious signs of cancer. My cancer was obvious, plain as day, just with an eyeball, and mine wasn't advanced. We are lucky, cervical cancer is not a monster like some other cancers.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you for your reassurance my normal thought process has went out of the window the past week really hope your doing well after your diagnosis