Got the all clear

after a few emotional months I'm pleased to say I got the all clear, the hysterectomy has gotten rid of the cancer and no further treatment is required. 

its 3 weeks after surgery and I'm feeling normal again, I walked around 4/5 miles at the weekend and not a twinge! The only thing I'm having issues with is going to the toilet! It's still quite painful to do a pee, ive been told it's because the bladder and bowel are still settling into place but I'm not sure. I'm on anti biotics for the 2nd time but I'm still having the pain After 4 days of the tablets. I will give it until the course have finished and go see about it again.

I am so grateful that I found this site and all you lovely ladies, it has helped so much with everything and kept me sane through the past couple of months.

we should all be very proud of ourselves 

good luck to everyone and you will all get through this 

debbie xxx

That's awesome News Deb! So happy for you, much love and wishing you a speedy recovery from the surgery. It does take a while, im still in pain with the same issues post 5 weeks! . Take care xxxx

Wonderful news! :)

Great news:-)



good news 

wow 4/5 miles well done you love walking ang hiking 

onwards and upwards

love michelle xx


I'm so happy  4 u x

Wonderful news. xx 

That's great!

Thank you all so much xx