got results.. still worried

I got my cone biopsy back and I had AIS and Cin 2. They said my margins are clear after my cone biopsy and now I'll just be monitored. I've read about everyone having scans and checking lymph nodes. How do they know I'm ok. I'm just scared that they missed something or didn't check everything. How often does the bad cells come back? 

Try not to worry yourself Kayla :-)

If your margins are clear and they are going to monitor you you'll be fine. They don't muck about with cancer I promise you. People having scans and lymph node removal have had a more serious diagnosis than you which is why they need more serious testing.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Kayla, 


im the same I had my cone last week and I have an appointment for my results on the 11/11 but I'm was thinking the same. They found a small area of cancer after my llietz so I can't help but think what if it was somewhere else and then spread to my cervix especially as I have loads of moles. I haven't had any blood tests or scans so I do wonder how they know it's not anywhere else. I'm presuming they would of had a bit of an explore during my cone.


hannah xxx

Ais is like earliest change into cancer cells rather than just abnormalities there is very little to no chance it would have gone any further than that. Like Tivoli says further along in the staging is when you are looking at mri pet scan etc some times to get a final stage and also check spread, lymph nodes etc xx 

Thank you,  that makes me feel better. My Dr told me when we were finished having children she would recommend a hysterectomy as a precaution, so that made me feel more nervous about what might happen.

Hi Hannah,

Just to try to reassure you; cancers begin in certain places and spread to other certain places. Cancer of the cervix has never, ever begun elsewhere and spread to the cervix.

Be lucky ;-)