got phone call with results

Hi just got my results form hospital, no cancer in biopsies but she is still concerned with what she saw when doing examination

I am getting booked in for a loop treatment, to see if there is any cancer elsewhere

I really think this nurse needs to go on course do deal with people, one minute she says "there is no cancer" then its like but

i wouldnt get too confident we had an emergency meeting yesterday regarding you, i didnt like what i saw at examination so you are not out the woods yet.

and especially when i only got biopsies took on friday 30th and got results today, that is pretty quick


 I have just phoned my surgery i have asked if the nurse that did my smear can phone me to tell me in plain speak, if she can look at my results and explain what she sees

 Can someone tell me are polyps cancerous? i always thought they could turn cancerous if left but not serious