Got my treatment plan any stories on radical hysterectomy by keyhole? (Children mentioned)

hi ladies,

I went for my MRI on Monday and got my results Tuesday. I've been booked in next Wednesday for a laproscopic radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymph node removal. Has anybody had this op done by keyhole? And if so how was your recovery afterwards? My hubby can only get two weeks off work and my mum is helping the third week, after that I'm pretty much on my own and getting worried if i can cope at that stage in my recovery to be honest, I have 5 children to look after And my youngest is only 7 months Old, Will I even be able to lift him up? Or do I seriously need to look for extra help from I don't know where? Any advice or experiences greatly appreciated xx

Sorry Rebecca, I cant offer any advice but wanted to send love and best wishes to you for your op.  I am sure there will be lots of ladies who can offer you some excellent advice and re-assurance though xx

Hi Rebecca,

There are a few of us that have had a hysterectomy recently. Mine was 4th December and was done laparoscopically. The main thing to remember is even though a laproscopic hysterectomy is less invasive than other hysterectomies and your exterior incisions are small the internal stitching and healing is the same regardless. So same restrictions apply. It's great your husband will be around to take over kid duties so you can concentrate on your own healing for the first two weeks. Strict weight lifting limits apply until you have had the medical ok from the doctor post op - usually six weeks. If you break these limits you do risk causing severe damage which will ultimately could make your recovery even longer.

Hard to say how you will be after 3 weeks as everyone recovers at different rates. However you will not be back to 'normal' and will still have restrictions in place. I was walking up and down stairs, starting to cook a little and was building up my strength again. At 3 weeks I was still very tired, found it difficult to concentrate and was definitely not up to school pick ups or drop offs. No supermarket trolley pushing either. 

I found the hystersisters website useful. If you register you have access to weekly check points that give you an indication of what to expect post op week by week. Would suggest you take a look at those check points but remember they are only a guide as recovery is personal and an individual process. If you have the time you could also read the forums for post op ladies. They are dated so women who have had a hysterectomy can talk with other women who are at the same recovery stages.

Hope this helps a little. Happy for you to message me anytime.

Stargazing x

Hi Rebecca

i am 10 weeks post laproscopic radical hysterectomy and feel fine but can't deny its been a bit of a rollercoaster.

After 4 nights in hospital my recovery started well but still for at least 3 weeks i did nothing at home. quite  honestly i had no energy and although pain from op site was nil posp op wind and constipation was awful. Be prepared with peppermint tea and lavatives. I still need stool softener now :((

Those first few weeks it would be essential for you to have support with the family. You need to concentrate on yourself. i found it difficult to accept help at first but you will be surprised how many volunteers you get. It makes friends and family feel less helpless so use it! It worked best for me to be quite specific with people what was needed and everything always got done:)

i was doing great at 3 weeks then unfortunately had a little hiccup with infection and lymph fluid leakage. With swift attention i was back on track quickly but just be vigilant and listen to your body.

Weeks 4-5 in my experience i would expect to still need help at home and with the children. Possibly less so but You will still tire easily and will need to rest. Still no lifting and i still had 'toilet'issues :((

Week 6 was the point my body was catching up with my brain. This is an awkward stage as you feel tempted to do more but you are still healing inside and  still need to be careful. I had started cooking a little but still no hoovering as all the bendi g and stretching was difficult. Went shopping but no carrying the bags. I also started driving again but only short journeys.

Weeks 7-8 i gradually began to take over most of the jobs at home again. Not really sure i should have but i was starting to get impatient with myself and needed control back!!

Weeks 9-10 i have gone back to work but on reduced workload and it is difficult but i feel well and just adapt jobs to suit my physical capabilities

Obviosly everyone recovers at a different pace. The best advice i can give you is to really careful lifting nothing for minimum 6 weeks. Be kind to yourself and take all the help offered for as long as you feel you need it.

 At first you will not see as far as feeling 'normal' ever again and it does seem like forever. Its not easy  and you will have good and not so good  days but please try to remember to be strong and positive and before you know it you will be 10 weeks post op feeling much better passing on this advice to someone else!

All the best Rebecca

Kath xxx



Hi Kath just to say that information really helped me. I'm waiting for my date but having this procedure in a few weeks. I have kids like you and trying to set up a plan for home support with friends & family.