Got my results

Hi all, after a very anxious 3 week wait, I got my results through.
They say that,

The results of the loop treatment have shown a change called CIN2 and CIN3. You will require a smear in 6 months. If your HPV test is positive then we will automatically arrange to see you in the colposcopy clinic.

Is this good news? I’ve had HPV on the last 4 tests, so can’t imagine it will disappear in 6 months .


This is very good news- congratulations! Sounds like the abnormal cells have been removed and all that's required is a 6 months follow up.

Although the treatment you've had gets rid of the abnormal calls it doesn't rid the body of HPV. However, it can often "kick-start" the body into fighting the HPV virus so the chances are you will be HPV free at your 6 month follow up. In the meantime, you could help boost your immune system by eating a healthy diet with lots of fruit and veg.

Well done you for having your treatment and all the very best for the future.

Peanut x

Sounds like good news to me! x

Sounds good to me!  Still waiting on my LLETZ result which was 3 weeks ago (yesterday). Yes the waiting is horrific and I have all sorts of anxiety symptoms that are now joining in the party. I called yesterday but they said results weren't in yet...wish they could put our minds at rest sooner!