got my results

Hi everyone well I could not wait 4 weeks for my results as been so scared so phone hospital today they have them back already so she told me that it was sin 3 and I have to go back in 6 mouths so dies that mean no cancer should I be jumping from the roof top x


Smear came back sin3

Clop and biopsy 2weeks ago

Results today defo sin 3 

Back in 6 mouths 




Brilliant news so pleased for you


this is the news i am hoping for! congrats!

I am a little confused. Do you mean you have CIN3? Also if this is the case, they usually recommend a LLETZ procedure to have the abnormlaities removed. But most importantly it IS NOT cancer.

Hi I had clop biology and LLETZ on same day I had to ring hospital to day as could not wait any longer she said over phone that it was sin3 they removed and I have to go back in 6m and I ask her to make sure is it cancer and she said no u hope there right as what I have read a lot of sin3 have ended up being cancer xx

But not all case im just so happy it been playing on my mind its like a weight has been lifted I hope all goes well for u hun x

That's great news :). Now you can relax and get "back to normal". All the best xxxx

Thank u everyone I hope all goes well with u lovely ladys xx

Great news!! Hope the 6 month check up comes back all clear for you xXx