Got my Lletz results :)

Hey girls, iv got my Lletz results :) 

All abnormal cells have been removed :) discharged from clinic, smear test a my GPs in 6 months. 

So happy and relieved :) xxx

Thats great news! :) x

Thats fab! So pleased for you! Bet you are relieved, hopefully you can relax now :-) xxx

Excellent news Gem! Really pleased for you xxx

Yay that's fantastic news!!! Really pleased for you xxx

Jan 13 - borderline with HPV

Feb 13 - colposcopy - no treatment

Feb 14 - mild dyskaryosis with HPV

Mar 14 - colposcopy - CIN1 with HPV

Thankyou so much ladies. Yes I'm so relieved it's brilliant, now I know my margins are clear I'm going to book to do the Race For Life in June :) 

Good luck to Nicola your results won't be long at all now,

 Good luck to PrincessE hope your lletz goes ok, it really isn't as bad as it sounds. Thankyou to all of you, this site has been an absolute god send. Thinking of you all xx big hugs xx

Congrats gem gem fab news ! And best wishes for the future xx

Fab news Gem! Bet the relief is kicking in xx

Thanks hun fingers crossed I will have them before the weeks is out xx

Congratulations! Hope you can enjoy the Race For Life now :) 

Best of luck to you xxx