Got a letter for 2nd lletz even though in dec they said smear in 6 months?

Hello ladies

Just wondered if anyone else has had this happen to them.
Had smear in oct results hpv and cin3
Had lletz in nov
I rang the hospital for results was told cin 1 and a smear in 6 months.
I looked on my gp online portal and found 2 letters …my copy was there stating cin 1 entirely adequate.
My gp copy stated cin1 incompletely excised.
That confused me.
Anyway today i received a letter from the hospital wanting to repeat the lletz next week.
The letter states …it has been suggested that it maybe sensible to repeat the lletz to make sure we are not missing any abnormality. It also reassures me that its nothing to worry about … easier said than done !!
Has anyone had anything similar happen to them ?
I just feel like here we go again !!
Thanks for reading
Maria xx

It hasn’t happened to me but it did my friend; they just thought they didn’t get it all so needed to take some more so could be that. No “clear margins” maybe? I’m sure others on here will know more but that’s what it sounds like to me.

Thank you for replying. Im sure your right. Just feel abit deflated tbh bit im so glad im in the system.