Good Results

Not been on in a while and I apologise, but I wantede to share my news.  I have received the results back from my 6 month follow up smear and they are clear of HPV.  I'm in a pilot area so they haven't checked for an more abnormal cells on the basis there is no HPV and have referred me back to 3 yearly smears.

I am going to try and get myself in for yearly smears for a couple of years just for my own peace of mind but I am very hapy with my clinic and my results and I just wanted to share my positive story.

I hope that other people have as positive an experience as i've had.

Congratulations on your good results, its always great to hear a good news story :) 

That's great news! Love hearing positive stories...I've got my 6 month follow up in August! x

Thanks for sharing your news, that's really good to hear! Its funny how you think its all over after the lletz and then the worry starts creeping back coming up to the follow up!